Pain and Fear by Florence Mary – June 26, 1993.

Webmasters note : This is a short writing. I am assuming their was some drama that happened long ago and Florence Mary was perplexed and hurt. This was the response given to her by guidance. That being said, it would not take her long to find her balance and move into her “puddle of peace”, as she so loved to call it.


Say nothing, do nothing, just love those who suffer from the lessons of fear. Love demands trust and faith. All one can ever do in times of strife is to offer support and comfort to those who ask for it. Now may not be the time to offer opinions or to add fuel to the fire.

Right now you are hurt by what has been said but this will pass and all will be put to right in the end. Love and its ways are mysterious to those who forget or will not learn why they are here and what the main purpose of their lives are for. Your prime purpose for being in the world of the physical is for you to earn union with God. First, within yourself and someday when you come to recognize your own perfection as a creation of God, and as such become a creator of your own being-ness. 

One of the things you created was fear and all of its synonyms like doubt, anxiety, panic. Know that once you have conquered those things in your life you can then one day enjoy life in the physical without doubts and fears and panic as your constant companions. All of love is for you to know and that means even its pain, for love, like all else in the world of the physical, has duality and it is up to each of us to create it anew and without all the doubt and fear and panic that we see in our lives.

Here in the spirit world we do not know such things for we are allowed a clarity that has no equal in your physical world. Some of us take a long time to plan our next incarnation but others are anxious to return and return quickly but nothing is ever not agreed upon by the soul returning from physical birth to age seven. A soul may decide to leave. Some choose disease or simply, for babies, crib death, or as you call it there, some accident. Yet most of these things happening before age seven are the souls way of returning to the world of spirit when the life they have chosen becomes too burdensome for the to take.

Nothing is more frustrating for us than to see a soul cause themselves pain but pain is the great lesson teacher and you cannot ease pain for those who refuse to learn a lot or who think that their way is the only truth. Remember always, to temper your understandings with tolerance and you will never stop learning and growing.

Once truth has become a way of life for you then you always are sure that you have never added to another’s burdens. Be at peace. Pain has taught you much.


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52 year old artist (Obelious Arts & Photography), outdoorsman, nature lover, spirit lover and one of Florence Mary's closest friends. Currently existing in Nelson BC, Canada.

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