Question and Answer Session by Florence Mary – Thursday – Feb 24, 1994.

Webmasters Note : there are a few pages with questions and answers from Florence to the Guides and from the Guides to Florence. 1994 was about three years into her writings. These were placed at the very end of a binder amongst other things. I decided to post it because there is real conversation here and it is interesting. I must admit that I do not know any of the people spoken of other than Florence and the Guides, so I cannot comment on the other “writer/psychic” that is in one of her questions. I debated on whether it was even necessary to put on here, but then I figured, why not? There might be something in it for someone. I have learned that possibility and probability are often usurped by the NOW, which exists within the ALL. So, with that being said, here we go…..

Florence Mary : Could you tell me why when I speak of something with a friend, you speak of it with me in these writings?

Guides : Have we not told you that all you need to know is written upon your soul? Have we not told you that each of you, in your own way must access the truth within you in order to live more perfectly in tune with the will of God? Each time you speak of something that is truth we use it as an opportunity to stretch you farther or to show you how infinite the truth is. Have you ever asked yourself : If this is true then how much more is there that I do not know?

Florence Mary : I haven’t , but I have wondered. I know that sooner or later when my mind and being can handle it, you will share all that needs to be clarified for me.

Guides : This is true, but you ask us so few questions and question so little.

Florence Mary : I do not see any point to question. When I feel that what you give me is causing me doubt or a basic feeling that this should not be believed then I will not take writings from you again. So, why in the world should I question?

Guides : Maybe we should have said that you have “so few questions”. But we hear them echoing within your being at times and try to answer them for you before you ask. 

Florence Mary : Then what difference does it make whether I ask you questions or not?

Guides : It is just that most human beings would have more questions and be more doubtful about what we say and how we say it.

Florence Mary : What you say to me feels right. For two years I have taken lectures on trust and having faith in my self and the process of God and how everything fits together, why should I have questions? I know that God has a plan for my life and this is just a part of that process. Why should I question that?

Guides : It is just a very human thing to do and you seem to lack the curiosity of most human beings but we see your point. From doubt to absolute faith in your own process is not usual.

Florence Mary : Since you want me to ask you something I want you to explain the material in Joy Rushforth’s book and why it is that I feel that none of the things she wrote about is going to happen the way she has received the information. I feel that we should all be returning to the land because it would be better for our world. I know that we cannot all do that and that something has to give but I cannot believe that it will quite happen that way.

Guides : Maybe for her it will and her perception of the Earth Changes will be full of anguish and peril but maybe for you and those who believe the way that you do they will be far less devastating. Remember, attitude and creation are always ours to unfold. Each of you has within you the power to change everything within yourselves and to manifest those changes outside of you. Joy is over sixty and still fighting the demons of her childhood. You still feel the sorrow of those things but realize that they have contributed in a great part to who you are today. It is why you know that things with people and belief has to change. It is why you now look upon your children and have released them to God with complete belief in Gods plan for their lives, whatever that may be. So here we see how trust and faith can change a life and the circumstances of life.

Florence Mary : So all of this noise about asking questions was just to make a point?

Guides : Yes and No. It is hard for us to believe that deep down you do not question and that you just accept what we give.

Florence Mary : Sometimes I do but when I go away and think and then meditate on them for hours. When it feels right then I come back, and not before. This is how I handle my fears. It has become the only way that I know how to handle things.

Guides : Good. It is the way all of mankind should handle doubt and fear. God wants each of you to question and to have your questions answered. That knowledge is all around you and more and more people are putting the truth that they have found into the printed word and it is there for each of you to read but more importantly to put into your lives through changes to that life and the times in which you live. Each of you has a path and that path is solitary but from time to time there will be others who can share the parallels of that pathway with you. The more faith you have and the more you trust you have in your own process, then the more you will be able to accept the singleness of that path, but understand that it is the same for each of you. With this belief will come the capability to be unconditional and un-expectational with those of your world. Love, true love, does and is what is best for those around us. Do not let yourself be pushed into anything that is not correct for you. Know in the heart what is right and do not see rightness as selfishness but instead see it in the actions of another clearly and forgive. That is all that you can do. Do not worry so, about things. In time, all that needs to come to be will come to be. 

Right now the thing that you need most is rest and exercise. Take today for yourself. You need to nurse the tender parts of you that are hurting.

Florence Mary : I didn’t know I was.

Guides : We all have cycles in life and you have parts of you that you need to look at and change. In this way we believe that you will be more open and trusting of your own process and the process that must be gone through in the future. Clear out your own hurts and then when they come up with others they will not be so devastating for you.

Florence Mary : How do I do that when I remember so little about my hurts? How do I just let it all go?

Guides : Allow yourself to feel the hurt, the why of it is not important, then allow it to dissolve in the white light that you bring around it. Allow that same light to protect you from the anger that you feel about your hurts and then when you feel that it is time, just allow them to go from your experience. But first you must free yourself from the ties that they have on you. You can only do that by allowing that you have been hurt and that all things you have worked on so hard in the past still hurt on some deep level and let it go. You do not let them rule your life but the hurts are still there. Allow yourself to be healed and use the memory of those things to be understanding for the hurts of others. You do that, but right now it just about kills you. We tell you to cleanse, release and shed the past. It is the only way that you can have an uncluttered future.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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