Seeing The Universe As One – by Florence Mary – April 3, 2002.

The nature of the Universe from the physical point of view is small and without connections to everything. Stones and water appear, to the uninformed human being, to have nothing in common. The truth is that what they have in common is molecular and also, when the human mind can accept it, bioplasmic. 

Each system in the Universe has from the physical point of view, a motion that is subject to entropy. Entropy is what the rolling stone suffers as it reaches the bottom of the hill. Yet, bioplasmically, there is no such thing as entropy. Energy therefor, belongs to the bioplasmic world of physics. Physics, chemistry, biology and all other branches of science are not part of the scientific world but are the scientific world. When you begin to study them as a part of a great whole, then the greatest discoveries will be made. So, the science of life is what we will discuss with you. We will cut across the divisions of science and spirituality and do our best to bring them together so that the average individual may become more cognizant of the working of the Multiverse and their Universe. 

Firstly, no one in your physical world denies the vastness of the Universe that you find yourself a part of. But you do not as yet see yourselves as much a part of the distant stars that you observe as much as you do the rock that you pick up and hold in your hand. You feel separate from it all. The soul of your Universe is a vast pool of electromagnetic energy. Those who have chosen to be a part of the free will universe exist within the vastness of that Universal Soul.

Every Universe that makes up part of the Multiverse has this vast pool of energy that surrounds it. It is the screen upon which and within which physical realities play themselves out. But all are connected and “sister” each other.

Each time one of you within this Universe begins to understand the world of your choosing and chooses to share the harmony and peace that understanding brings, you share that with all of creation. You do that because there is no separation between anything that exists within the Divine Creative Force. The whole of creation is not controlled by God but that energy becomes the balance point in all Creation because that energy is within all of Creation. 

The message of the spiritual masters who observed the Physical world spoke, wrote and attempted to explain that world yet their descriptions were dismissed because science could not prove that these things were possible or even fell within the realm of possibilities. Now they are the very stuff of all scientific research. What was once seen as fantastic and beyond belief is now common place, therefor the way of existence for the average human being must be faith, not belief. You once could not conceive of the vastness of this planet and you saw it as being limited and flat. Now you see it as spherical when you once deemed it round. Science is pushing the boundaries of its study and daily peels away another layer that clouds the understanding of what the Universe is, of what God is, and what you are.

There are those who see the world through the science of medicine, psychology or religion and dabble a little in each. But there are also others, with vast educations in science that do not know what the uneducated peasant in the pampas of Brazil knows. That there is a Force in the Universe that goes beyond all knowledge and conception of the physical reasonable mind that exists. It exists for our use and for our benefit if we can come to know it and love it as part of us the same way that we are a part of it.

Ego will not allow the miraculous to exist when the science of the physical world could have played a part in things. Because there is no separation between the energy of faith and the energy of science, each is part of a necessary whole for the other to exist and operate in. In other words, one does not exist without the other. Remember that the fantastic and miraculous of yesterday is now commonplace today. Therefor, the fantastic and miraculous of today will also be commonplace tomorrow.

We stop here for a moment and ask the writer not to correct our interchangeable use of the words you, we, ours, etc. We have plagued her with our disregard for their usage but now that very disregard will show the non-separation of the Universal energies. It is strictly our doing. When we speak about you, it is because you do not know what we know or cannot see or conceive of without separation. We will designate where Universal and Multiversal law affects us all both physical and energy-wise through the use of we or you, as is appropriate. We may sometimes do this in the same paragraph or even sentence. The only thing the author will correct is her over riding our spelling. She cannot spell very well and spell check is the most used feature on her computer.

You have learned much about your world because with the limitations of the physical mind you have reduced the physical world to its parts. Science itself has taken itself out of part thinking and in physics at least has begun to dabble in the concept of non-separation. But medicine is just beginning to look holistically at the human function from the point of view of both biochemical and physical systems. Bioplasmic functions are practiced by faith or energy healers and are just beginning to make their way into your medical world through Therapeutic Touch, Reiki and other forms and formulas of Energy Work. You will make their use limited to those who can obtain and have educational degrees that regulate their practice. This is a grave mistake. 

Each of you is a potential healer. The knowledge of bioplasmic healing should be taught and honoured within each being as a greater knowledge of who they really are and what their true functions within the world is. Each of you is not separate from the Bioplasmic world, except through your belief in that separation. Each of you knows how to use that energy to heal and function in the world of one. Its keys are prayer and meditation. Much is about to come from the study of such functions and will change the view of your world and our world. It is about to truly become one.

Webmasters note : at this point I will make it known that Florence was dyslexic. It was the bane of her existence as a writer but she did very well regardless. She never let it stop her.

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