Sixth Sense

Written by Florence Mary on April 30, 2013.

What you have most deeply forgotten is that nothing would exist without you in your physical form. What need would you have for anything if you did not exist in physical form? Only in your physical form do you need plants or animals. Remember not even God exists without you to acknowledge that energy. What we are telling you is even the fullest reaches of the cosmos only exist because you acknowledge the possibility of its existence. So, because of your need, in your physical form, all you see was created by you to answer the needs of your physical form.

Source and the things closest to source have no need for things of physical matter. That then is what is meant by ” the grand illusion”. Creating space, therefore, is the acknowledgement of the cosmic forces that are always in harmony with the planet you are on. Weather is a natural force needed as causation of effect in the physical world. As devastating as it might be, source does not reward or punish with its unfolding. You cannot say to your children when they reach adulthood, ” go forth”, and continue to treat them as children. It makes no sense when viewed through a perspective of a knowledge, limited or otherwise, of physical life.

That is why true consciousness is so important and should be sought by all of those in physical form. There are few who do not acknowledge that complete understanding of physical life is difficult. That is where retaining our innocence or “Sixth Sense”, becomes important. Sixth Sense (true innocence) allows us to create silence within the world of noise. Even your breathing is not silent. You become so used to hearing the natural functions of your body that alone, you feel as if you are in a silent world.

We send you blessings and love. Thank you for returning to our sharing.

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