Source Of Light Transmissions – Part 1 of 6 – by Florence Mary , Sept 20, 2000.

Webmasters note : This writing was sent as a personal email to myself from Florence. It is not in her original writings and yet I feel compelled to share this with you all. Although received in the year 2000, almost 19 years later, it is finally meant for others. 6 pages in length, I have broken it up into 6 parts so as not to wear your mind out. The message is a message to me at that particular moment as a member of her triad, from our guides……but it is now meant for you.

We are never far from you, only for one moment need we stay, or near to this loved one who opens herself, to receive the energy this day.

We are not bound by time nor space, We move to a tone stronger from a stronger place, no force can contain us, no place holds us fast, We are the All, what was first now is last.

Beyond the beyond in a place in the Oneness, With radiance brighter than your great central sun, we come from the source with a tone that is pure.

Long has the force of our love endured.

You hear not the sound that rings in your ears, long has it hidden behind all your fears. Clearly you hear us when fast asleep, awakened it is ignorance you treasure and keep.

In the midst of the oneness we come from within, tracking and trailing the path where you’ve been. 

Hoping that one day you would awake in the night, and view us with kindness, our bright golden light.

We are not Angels, nor Devils nor Gods, We are what YOU are, love in the rods. Of gold and of silver of white and of blue, trembling and tracking what the All once knew.

Lost among the fears of men of the worlds, holding illusions in negative swirls.

Beyond sacred mountains, deep in the streams, Wake now, oh man, from your perilous dreams. Find beneath mountains of time beyond measure, the gold web of life and the minds silver treasure.

But waken you must to your song ever singing

In the vastness of dying, in the morass of fear, not one of us hear your copious tears




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