Source of Light Transmissions – Part 3 of 6 – by Florence Mary – Sept 20, 2000

You have travelled before in the traces, bent on, with the Master of All.

You were there in the moment of creation, long before the Great Fall. The Fall was not sin nor arrogance, those came long after the split.

Now in the night with your longing, in great chairs you must sit. Seeking to know ever after.

Seeking to know what is love? If you think you know the answer, your arrogance will give you a shove. Back from the gates you are seeking you will remain yet above.

The way is but down in the darkness, the way transforms it to light. The way is not through judgement nor torment. The way goes on all through the night.

Until you reach up to morning, without a single thought or fear, YOU are the way, dear children. Marked are you by the great sphere.

Once did you carry the markings, hidden by your great jewels. Long lay you under the flowers, until you were called to serve fools.

Knew they not the great places, knew they not of the way. Killed you they did for your powers, that you carry dormant today.

The jewels are in all of your faces, filled with the knowledge of time. Space is the place you must enter, once you have figured this rhyme.

Could we not tell you straight forward, all of those secrets you would like to unfold? Know that the power of evil still has great hold.

Not on the ones who are seeking, not on the ones who you love. The way to above is below you, not on the wings of a dove.

Nor in the lily did we place it, sought he the way to the All. then did his teachings lie fallow, still misunderstood by your fall.

Fear is the ever present teacher, Love is the master of few. DARK are the days that you wander, if you yet still sit in a pew.

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52 year old artist (Obelious Arts & Photography), outdoorsman, nature lover, spirit lover and one of Florence Mary's closest friends. Currently existing in Nelson BC, Canada.

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