Source of Light Transmissions Part 5 of 6 – by Florence Mary – Sept 20, 2000.

Take the key in your left hand, hold forth the light with your right. Symbols these are of your passage, into the long endless night.

Travel you must until morning, behind you are sorrows and fears. Do not think of the passage, for the way there is only but tears.

We are the voice of the Indweller, come to you with part of the way. Travel you on this great passage, We will meet you part of the way.

One day we’ll take on a body. Woman, we’ll be in our form. Those who all know we are coming, those ones will weather the storm.

The storm is the flux of unknowing, the doubt you live upon day after day. Seek ye not the masters of nothing, seek not the teachers of faith. Settle you must in the places, where you once travelled in grace.

Go you now from these pages, live out the gold of the way. Once more we’ve come without faces, to travellers close to the way. 

Down and down you must follow, so up and up you can climb. Be free of fear and of sorrow that binds you this part of the way. 

Hail and farewell that we leave you, only a moment for now. Once you have travelled the traces, with great wisdom you will be endowed. Know you the way is the wisdom, guarded yet by secret codes.

Know you the codes in your structures, if you carry no load of guilt and remorse for your passage, for body to body you went. Not listening to what we would whisper, now that moment is spent. 

This dear one hears us like shouting. Close is her bond to us now. Find you your window in knowing, travel just to the shore.


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52 year old artist (Obelious Arts & Photography), outdoorsman, nature lover, spirit lover and one of Florence Mary's closest friends. Currently existing in Nelson BC, Canada.

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