Spherical Breathing – An Explanation by Florence Mary – Aug 05, 2005.

Spherical Breathing is the consciousness that one develops to change breathing from an unconscious function of the body to one full and complete consciousness. It is both a physical and metaphysical function of all our bodies beginning with the physical body and ending with our ninth body, the Authentic Ketheric Body.

On a metaphysical level it is the pathway through the physical body and outer bodies that prana takes as we breathe it in and distribute it on all levels of conscious awareness. It is the tide upon which cosmic energy from the God source is utilized by the outer bodies as well as by the physical body.

As prana, oxygen, God source and Earth energies are drawn into the body, the chakra centers and outer bodies are activated through the Hara Line. The Hara Line is a circuit that travels from the Hara center which is located between the root and the 2nd chakra. The energy travels from the Hara center to the root chakra through the perineum where the energy changes from Yang energy to Yin energy. As the energy passes the Earth Star (chakra) it picks up Earth’s energy and it is added and assimilated into the total amount of energy taken in by the body. When it reaches the balance point in the knees, the energy changes to Yang energy and completes the circuit, changing again in the brow chakra to Yin energy. As the energy travels the circuit it activates both the front and the back chakra openings and helps to clear and balance the output of those centers through all etheric bodies. In the crown chakra, the energy from the Soul Star is taken in and used to activate the pineal and the pituitary glands. As the pituitary gland is activated the brow chakra switches the energy from Yin energy to Yang energy.

Yin and Yang travels through the male and female of the human species in the same fashion, but front chakras on the female spin clockwise and the back chakra spins counter-clockwise. In the male the energy has travelled in the opposite fashion but as men begin to work with the goddess energy of the Earth Star, they will find that their energy moves in the same patterns as the female energy, helping to bring their female energy back into balance. The balanced energy within the male also helps females to balance their male energy and work with the Soul Star energy, which is male. The balanced energy within the female also helps males to balance their female energy and work with Earth Star energy, which is female. This truly then is the sacred marriage that all human beings have longed for. This marriage then, is the sharing of power, not one of dominance, one over the other.

On the physical level the tide of the breath sets all the biochemical processes in motion. As one breathes, oxygen exchange, glucose transfer, digestive processing and lymphatic processing happen in rhythm with breathing. How deeply you breathe and how consciously you breathe effects the efficiency of this process.

Each breath that you take also enters the invisible pranic tube that lies along the Light Pillar Axis. The control of ones breath also facilitates the rise of the Kundalini Energy that lies at the base of the spine. As the Kundalini Energy rises through the spinal column it is quickly absorbed into the chakra centers and outer bodies. When one reaches a certain point in their development, the Kundalini rises suddenly through all realms of consciousness and our inner vision witnesses the change of chakra colours from the individual shades to the Gold/Silver/White light. This experience allows the opening of the chakra centers to also become breathing centers through which more prana can be absorbed into the body.

As human beings we should not judge the experience of others when they say that they have experienced this phenomenon. The Kundalini makes several test runs before it completely opens the Light Pillar Axis access within the body. When the final trip of Kundalini makes its voyage the Light Pillar Axis is set within, the pranic tube is unblocked and a certain number of realizations happen to facilitate rapid soul growth through lessons, tests and incitation.

As more control is exerted over the breathing process, one learns to hold the breath at the crown and brow chakras. As the breath is held here for a moment, the pineal and pituitary glands are activated respectively. As the breath is let out the energy is forced from the crown, quickly down the front of the body through the front chakra openings causing the chakras to spin in a clockwise fashion.

Prana is taken in both from the nose and the pranic tube providing vitality to the physical body and the invisible bodies. Taken through the crown, prana activates the pineal and pituitary glands stilling the mind during meditation and hologram travel. As the pituitary becomes active the brow chakra begins to spin faster. As the pranic vitality spins out of the brow chakra, the energy in the pranic tube travels quickly to the root chakra, bathing each chakra center with cosmic energy. At the heart chakra, Earths energy, taken in through the Hara Line, and the prana, mingle to travel together to enliven all of the biochemical and etheric centers of the body. Done consciously, this spherical breathing becomes the life force and etheric force energy to activate and spin the Merkabah light body.

When the light pillar is set through the body, the four aspects of the Merkabah are drawn around the body and locked into the heart. The amount of prana and earth energy available to be used through spherical breathing increases Merkabah activation. 

When the 13:20:33 is invoked and brought up through the spine and light column and out the crown, it may be arced over the head and down and back in through the heart through the zero point to access the time/space continuum. Travel is then available on various etheric and physical realms to experience astral travel to all sources of the etheric and spiritual energies.

Controlling the breath in various ways determines the speed and the destination of the Merkabah vehicle. Visualization and thought intention are the best ways to experience such travel as well as the use of original mystery school knowledge and chants. Such activity brings one into a deep sense of bliss. Each Merkabah breath taken through the spherical breathing system enhances inner vision.

In order to enhance one’s own experience with the Merkabah, zero point stillness must be understood. The closer one is to the zero point in their daily lives, the easier it will be to experience travel in the Merkabah vehicle. Eventually, one realizes that since the Universe is holographic and based upon the Flower of Life Hologram, it is unnecessary to draw the hologram around them as the nine bodies around their physical body makes up the four stages of the Merkabah around them.

The first three bodies provide sustenance to the physical body during astral travel. The next three balance the Merkabah with an out flowing of energy distributed on the out breath. The last three bodies energize the Hologram through the breath when the zero point is activated.

“There is a planetary grid around the Earth that is a Merkabah within the greater Merkabah, which is the Universe itself. The Merkabah is the intelligence vehicle that carries the primal energy patterns that create the Universe. Nothing in this Universe come into manifestation without the energy coding’s of the Universal Mind that are carried throughout the Universe by the Merkabah. Each individual human also has a Merkabah, that is a reflection of the Universal energy patterns.” (Dannelley, 1995 p.111 Sedona : Beyond the Vortex)

Each cell in our body carries the holographic image of the Flower of Life. This image may well be the Divine Mind made manifest in all beings. This image is the basis of all life and science. Being at the zero point in your life and learning to use the Merkabah are the giant steps in developing and maintaining “Ascension Consciousness”.

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