Getting In Touch With The Healing Source – written by Florence Mary – May 22, 1998.

As a healer, one of the first and sometimes the most disappointing realizations one comes to is that healing does not come from you but through you. Sometimes healings happen in spite of you, not because of you. The good news is that as you tap the Source of Energy, which flows invisibly through all things in the created universe, you begin to ground and center into that realization with self acceptance and clarity. Clarity and self acceptance may not have been possible before learning to become a channel for positive energy to move through you to clients, plants, animals and even minerals and gems. This energy is used to the healers own capacity to heal or provide places for mental concentration to attract enough energy to facilitate whatever is needed to provide a balanced atmosphere.

Inevitably it is a clear vision of one’s self within the Universal structure , that provides the clarity of intent that facilitates energy healing within one’s self, and the client. This happens because one feels part of all things rather than separate from all things. This clear vision of the non-separate nature of all things begins to break down one’s judgements, prejudices and fears of the world we live in. Healing then becomes not only a necessary activity but the natural progression of self-knowledge. This self-knowledge breaks down negative energy with in your own body system and allows you to become a magnet for positive energy from all things, that can then be directed through consciousness to where it is needed. Think of the vast possibilities of being able to direct energies in a positive way. Beware, if you desire or choose to direct it negatively, all energy both positive and negative returns to the place it is generated from.

When one is clear about the Source of healing and the way it works and how it works can relax the mind and allow more energy to flow through from the Universal Source. Healing sessions then become more like meditation sessions, where one is aware and connected but not doing anything, except allowing one’s self to be fully in the moment, moving the healing hands where they need to be. In the beginning one may learn a form for hand placement and movement but as you progress from “beginner” to “old hands”, one experiences knowledge, not from thinking but from being. You may then ask, “from being what?” The only possible answer is connected to one’s own self and others through the energy of the interconnectedness of all being and beings.

At some point, self-knowledge comes from a centered and grounded place within one’s self or a sweet spot from which only positive energy is channelled from the Source as it is needed. Life for the channel is lived with more harmony and peacefulness than was experienced before. So the admonishment for “the healer to heal themselves”, really means something and those past experiences can be transformed through the knowledge that there is no past, there is no present and there is no future, there is only NOW as one experiences it. “NOW”, has no enduring qualities or reality except LOVE. Ultimately, healers realize their capacity to love themselves regulates and brings into form their capacity to heal.


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