The Foundations for Universal Law

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. That energy is light. The energy of light declared that all beings are created equal and have the right to be fully realized to the degree that they so deserve or believe they deserve.
Since all past life karma has been absolved it is time for human beings to learn and know how to use the energy.
The earth is a school house with a tough curriculum that all human beings must master. That curriculum is SELF-MASTERY.
Since earth is going to ascend to the fifth dimension, her peoples must know, learn and master the curriculum. This curriculum is set out in the Universal Laws. These laws work on the law of ten-fold return, which applies to the misuse of energy as well as the right use of energy.
The Age of Aquarius demands fairness, responsibility and accountability for each action. As we move closer to the fifth dimension we may notice that every action will bring immediate repayment.
This whole Universe and everything in it is energy. The energy of creation moves in a circular fashion, eg “the earth rotates on its axis.” Earths magnetic field flows in a circular fashion, this is true of all the energy fields regardless of the directional flow.
So, with that in mind we look to the teaching of Jesus the Christ : “What you sow is what you reap” or all energy runs in circles or what comes around goes around. Each master had to understand this and had to choose to change his perception of life. Since all things are energy and energy moves in circles an essential step to moving forward along the path to enlightenment is that we are co-creators with the Divine Mind. The energy that we create with is our thought or more simply put, our thoughts ARE energy therefor we are the product of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.
This truth is then restated “We are all created equal and we all create our own reality. There are no such things as idle thoughts and our only power exists NOW. The past and the future are not real. As each moment unfolds we only have NOW as our reality so we must not attach to any moment but NOW. We have nothing to fear so be fearless.

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