The 5 Natures by Florence Mary – Friday, March 4, 1994. (3:13am)

In the heart of love exists the place where we can begin to understand not only yourself, but also our fellow human beings. It is within this understanding that peace is born within the earthly plane of human existence but also within the heart of mankind itself. When one has to think about peace and then strive to maintain it within one’s life, then we have a true appreciation of it and we strive for it always as our experience.

The nature of the warrior is to fight but we tell you that even the nature of the warrior can be turned to love if the warrior nature appreciates peace and the love of God that it fosters. One cannot practice brutality on a daily basis and not have it filter into their lives in areas where it is not needed or wanted. Only love softens the nature of the warrior and turns those personalities to love.

The nature of the sensualist is the experience of the senses and of the carnal self that exists within the heart of the sensualist and controlled by the baser appetites. These personalities think that the satisfaction of the appetites are the purpose of life and are very adept at making others feel inferior because they do not share their appetites for the same feeding of self interest.

The nature of the teacher is to experience through trial and error their lives and to teach others what they have found to be true about their experience within life. They are ever the observer, the listener, the watcher within, for signs and sign posts to growth and learning. They often seek knowledge for its own sake and feel no apparent need to have that wisdom applied or lived within their own lives.

The nature of the nurturer is that of doing for others, even when at times there is no need or a wanting of doing by those around them. Often times the nurturer tries to prevent a lesson before it happens and therefor, sometimes, robs the soul of a lesson it has come here to learn. It is often hard to find fault with such souls for we do find within them kindness and understanding well defined and sharpened to a fine point. They are often willing to take on the lessons and karma of others, storing up karma for themselves and postponing the learning and development of the souls around them.

The nature of the healer is to share with others the hurts of both mind and body and sometimes take upon themselves pain and suffering of others because they understand it and how to dissipate it. In this also lies the danger of also preventing others from learning their lessons and growing past debts of old karma that would shift and evolve as the soul shifts and evolves into new and different pathways to love.

Sometimes within all of us we find all of the qualities of the natures within us. Often they are out of balance and without redemption because the wisdom to know when and how to help are absent. Each of us must come to understand and accept that we cannot and must not make decisions for others. Once we have taught the lessons of trust and faith, then we must be like God and stand back and allow others to choose the way of their passing. This is hardest between parents and children, when pride and concern are within a relationship with another in equal and sometimes unbalanced measures. Love always show us the way to balance within our lives. It is not ours to judge others personalities or to say that another fits within any definition of personality. We have given you these short profiles in order for each of you to find within yourselves the traits and combinations of traits that both enhance and detract from your growth within the world of God.

The perfect personality would be one who could be to his fellow men whatever that person needed at the moment. Even the sensualist has its place within the world, if its sense pleasure is returned to him or her by God for their own good and for fulfillment of the Divine Plan that we are all here to fulfill and then and only then is the sensualist an asset to themselves or to their fellow human beings. In any of the personalities, even within the teacher there are faults. If the teacher cannot apply the wisdom of the learning to their own life to make it better and to realize their place within the Divine Plan, how could they be better than the healer who thinks that only they can show the rest of the world how it should serve and treat its fellow human beings?

Each of you must look within yourselves and find all of the best traits of each personality and develop them. Leave the dark, unrealized parts of any personality out of the shaping of your own. Look to love and inner knowing to tell you how you should be developing your personality and what traits are best for you to foster within yourself and what to encourage in others. If you have not realized your own potential how then can you direct anyone as to the development of their own? All that you will do is foster insecurity and want within those around you. So we tell you once again ; change yourself, change your world. For from self change comes all the traits of love that one needs to live within the will of God and Man. It is here that the deepest lessons of creativity are realized and brought forth upon the Collective Consciousness of the world.

Each of you contributed both your worst and your best traits to this consciousness. If you share your fears with this thought then that is what will be manifest in the world around you. If you share hope and love with it through your beliefs and thoughts then that is what the world will be for you. Each of you chooses your reality every day. Each of you finds ways to excuse and colour behaviour and that is your responsibility. How then can you hope to progress along the pathways to love if you cannot be responsible for your choices and behaviour in regards to others and your relationships with them? Look deeply within your life and see where your fears have been served instead of your love and conquer your fears. If you are afraid to grow old, look to love to teach you that aging is all within the mind and acceptance of belief within our consciousness. You can be very aged within you world and still live a very active life, especially if you wish to serve God and your fellow human beings, in love. It is in service to others and service of the self, in beholding within the world its beauty and peace that makes the soul live and prosper within the world of both God and Man. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the things of the world but if you could also find time to enjoy the things of God then you will find love ever within your heart and mind that will find no time for aging.

Learn the secrets of living well. For each of you they will be different but know that if your life has no real peace and contentment then you are most likely within the world of the carnal appetites or that of fear. Fear leaves no room for anything but work, worry and struggle. In this occupation of time and emotion, you find attachments to the material over the consideration and needs of your fellow human beings. Profits and acquisition are the only times purpose enters into the productivity of the person living this kind of life. Each time you find only purpose in acquiring things and wealth, look deep within yourself and ask yourself why? You may be very well surprised by your answer.

In the world of love, all would contribute to the greater good. All would work and draw from the pool of wealth in equal measure and not judge the contributions of others for they would see all that each entity contributed to the world as being enough to make them worthy to draw their living from that pool. Each person would be encouraged to find their strength within the world of One. They would be encouraged to do those things that most benefitted the world and all of the people within that world. No child would enter life unwelcomed. No aged person would feel useless, lonely or unloved, for all would know their value within the world. No child would take its own life nor would any parent feel burdened by their call to parenthood.  All would contribute to the strength and welfare of the community, realizing that the community is only as strong as its least member within that community. Love would guide all decisions made for the welfare of each member of the community and all would know and love God and themselves and feel useful and fulfilled within the world of God.

The richness of these communities would be manifest in the happiness and contentment of each person within that community and not the acquisition of the newest and best corporate production of sneakers.  Each person would know and love God and themselves within the world of love. Each person would see themselves clearly in all of the other members of their community and would know that they are a part of the others as the others are a part of them. Peace and love would reign within the world and all would know the presence of God within.

If your desire is to live within a world of this kind then each of you must bring this kind of living within your own lives. Each of you must see the progression of others is as much your responsibility as your own progression but understand that you cannot be responsible for that progression, only the sharing of the truth that you help that person to progress within the world of One.

As always follow the commandments of Jesus the Christ, “LOVE ONE ANOTHER” and look within the tenants and precepts of other religions and sects to find that this commandment is there also and follow it too.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.



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