The Art of Creation by Florence Mary

Nothing worth while in life can be created from ignorance and fear. Everything can be created from freedom, will and love. In the physical you create all of the time. You struggle and create lives full of meaningless things to survive the day to day. You take pride in those things that in the end are left behind and keep you from really knowing the truth about who you are.

We are not telling you that being poor is blessed or that not having material things with which to enjoy life, is wrong but merely ask you to ask yourself if you own your own lives? If you are married, do you really know who your partner is? Do you know why you have come together and what deeper meaning your being together has? What lies beyond your next vacation, next purchase or acquisition of a material sort? What feeds the soul of your relationship? Or even, does your relationship have one?

Yes, that was what was meant by becoming one. Realizing that you could create a bit of peace and harmony by looking into the wisdom of the individual soul and in tandem, transforming each so that they could join in a purposeful life of sharing and caring. That’s what each friendship and partnership is about. Look deeply into what is around you and see if you have been able to transform your self through your struggles with relationships or have you continued to live out the fear of your control issues. Without this peace and harmony fully in place you can only create from the knowledge that you have of the world and of yourself. Your world is the immediate relationship that fills your life at the moment. If you find it lacking then you must do something about the lacks. If you find another lacking it is because you lack. With true peace and harmony as your only goal then true creative power lies within you. The more you have, the more you create. The more you create for yourself, the more you can create to share with others. Then the day comes when you can show others how to create it within themselves. The day that you begin to do that is the day that you become the true creator of love and wisdom that allows the world to become illuminated with Gods love. The light that you shine is Faith.

The true creator does not ask, “what shall I create?” Rather, it creates from just being what they are. It does not matter where you create from for you create all of the time. If you are ignorant, you create ignorance. If you are fearful you will create fear. If you are living The Sevenfold Path, then that is what you will create. The person living the Sevenfold Path creates for all of Creation, Right Thought, Right Action, Peace, Joy, Light, Love, who’s hallmarks are Compassion and Harmlessness and Consciousness. These Seven Steps then become the pathways and the gateways to enlightenment.

In the physical life, no matter how well you have perfected these pathways, if you are still here you are still not fully enlightened. If you dabble around in the dark side of life, you have missed the purpose of being. If you live only for your next physical comfort or sensation, you have missed the purpose of creation. If you are addicted in any way, physically or spiritually then you have a long way to go to enlightenment. But if you see that even from within your addictions to the adrenal secretions of your body, to your control issues, to a person, place or thing or even in a way of being, that you are always consciously seeking the pathways of the Sevenfold Path, then true nature of creation is yours. What is the first thing that you create? Your self/Self, of course.

The self/Self is another word for soul and should be viewed as interchangeable commodities, unlike soul and spirit. Soul and Spirit are like trust and faith for they are the bonding of two separate energies within life that creates something new from something ancient, that in the physical, cannot stand without the other. If there is no soul, a spirit will not hang around the physical vehicle. If there is no spirit then the soul lies without animation of any kind and may be trapped within a body that is not conscious. We point to coma as proof of such a state of being. Guides then hover around the soul and whisper the words of truth that bring the strength for the soul to again call the spirit back into the body. Eventually, the comatose being either awakens to physical life or the soul will leave when the next death date appears within its cycle of life. Possible death dates are chosen by the entity as part of their contracts with life. This allows the soul who has accomplished their mission to leave or to stay as is their choice and those choices can be conscious or unconscious. It matters little. But consciousness allows one to create more. Unconsciousness limits one to some extent.

Each one who is totally devoted to service, if they are unconscious to the deeper meanings of physical existence, deny themselves the peace and harmony of conscious creation. What they create usually denies them time to fully enter into the spiritual world of God. They find that service lies in only creating pathways of limited awareness for others and that limits their exploration of the Seven Fold Path.

We cannot tell you that an hour a day or two hours a day or five hours a day, is the correct amount of time for devotion to your inner Spiritual Life. You cannot be fully tuned in when you are doing anything else. You may be able to center and ground yourself on a busy day, but true connection to the Divine takes time and commitment. Indeed, all relationships take time and commitment to make them bloom. Look into your life and see how much time you can allow your committed relationships, such as marriage, friendship or even those of business and see if they are living, growing things or are they dead and dissatisfying? If they are, then you have stopped being a true creator and have instead, become deluded by your mind.

With some relationships, such as those with adult children, time becomes less of a factor of progress, which can be measured by acceptance and understanding which become a good foundation for the relationship, are what you measure the relationship by. If struggles mark your time together with adult children then you have missed the opportunity to have an adult committed relationship with your children.

Tolerance and acceptance as well as love, are the hallmarks of any relationship but those energies should be flowing in both directions. With adult children, even when those children may be unhappy, it is only through Faith that you can contribute to the lives of adult children. You do not do that by judging or by asking for God to form their lives into what you think it should be, but instead, ask God to bring into their lives that which would serve them and their lives to the purpose of God. Then, when you have done that, allow them to live out their choices by remaining faithful to your belief that “God knows best, not you”. Faith is the ultimate strength of a true creator within the physical world. It is the only means of creation in physical life.

Each step along the Seven Fold Path allows one the power and energy of creation. Right Thought and Right Action become the basis for personal creation. All the other steps are places to become the creator of miracles.

To one who is troubled, your deep peaceful core will become a miracle, if you can share with them the pathways to creating that within them self. You may not see this as a miracle but to the one who is troubled, finding a moment of peace is indeed a miracle. To those who sorrow, finding a source of joy is a miracle. Even in allowing them to know joy in the midst of sorrow and seeing that it is a reward for devotion to Faith is a miracle.

To those whose lives are darkened by forgetting and fear, living the light of fearlessness and remembering in the face of opposition and condemnation is a miracle. It allows others the light by which to see their way to their own fearlessness and remembering. Light is the wisdom that one gleans through knowledge. It is where the gifts of the Holy Spirit are, which are wisdom, understanding, consul, knowledge, piety, forgiveness and love, take on both a soulful meaning and a spirit or spiritual meaning. You may be wise in the way of the world but be totally ignorant of the ways of spirit, much less understand the first thing about spirit. You may give wise consul in the ways of the world but be totally without the wisdom of spirit, which may totally change your view of wisdom. You may know a great deal about the world but lack the very basic knowledge of spirit or soul. You may have a good life but still lack piety. True piety lacks outward judgement and condemnation of any kind. You may be forgiving of everyone and everything, except yourself, so that true forgiveness always escapes you. You may think that you love but if it is not God loving through you and you do not know the difference, then you will truly never know love.

True forgiveness seeks to set right that which is wrong. It does its best to seek forgiveness and then accepts the forgiveness of others and when that cannot be given, it still forgives the self who may have committed the transgression. The wise person knows that true forgiveness only exists when the transgressions of life are gone from the list of ways to be and things to do in ones life. In other words, that which the world may judge as sin is gone from the living out of ones life. The truly wise person expects to have to prove that they are trustworthy to those that they have hurt. Forgiveness, like all else in the physical life, is something you earn, not something that is your right.

The darkened paths of life upon which one suffers are littered with those things not truly forgiven and dismissed from ones life. Forgiveness becomes hard when one who should be forgiven continually seeks to repeat transgressions and does not omit them from their lives. This then becomes the moments of choice that one must live out and therefore, suffer the consequences of choice. Easy? Hardly, but necessary to the growing life, the peaceful life.

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