The Beginning Mind – Part 1 – written by Florence Mary – Wednesday June 16, 1999.

Today we would like to take  look at the story of “the Garden of Eden”. We ask you, “what was the Garden of Eden?” 

Eden was truly a place of non suffering where every need of Adam and Eve was met. We ask you, “how did Adam and Eve live with each other?” They lived peacefully. They had no struggle and they had no shame. They were innocent and without blemish. They trusted each other and they trusted God.

As etheric evolution took place, the separation of positive and negative or the state of polarity took place. Energy was converted to matter and became addicted to the polarity of matter.

The beginning mind offers every being the opportunity to return to the garden of innocence without addictions. Carnal knowledge is the addiction to the pain/pleasure response to and of the human body. The return to innocence is the state of knowledge of human beings choice to turn from the addiction of the pain/pleasure response of human life to the deepest yearnings of their being which is to truly know and love, that which began All Being.  Since the first creation was possibility and choice, the first creation was in balance. Its gift was that of free will. Each energy as it evolved and became aware could choose a possibility for being. The Divine Mind allowed each choice without judgement. Each energy fully understood what would happen before choices were made. Because every choice was made in concert with the Beginning Mind, each choice resulted in deeper connection with the Beginning Mind.

It would be like the child who said to the parent, ” I want to jump off of this cliff””. The human response would be fear and prevention. The Beginning Mind’s response would be, ” what do you think would happen if you jumped?” Since the child mind has no experience it would say, “I don’t know”. Th Divine Mind would explain fully and would allow for whatever choice was made. It would not attach or have an aversion to the outcome. It would allow and permit each choice to take place. To interfere in choice would be like throwing a party for someone and giving them a great gift but then at the end of the party, taking it all back and saying, ” because you choose this party you must clean up the mess the party made”. The Divine or Beginners Mind’s response would be more like, “yes there is a party that is going on that you can go to. If you go, there are many possibilities for what you will experience while you are there. If you forget who you are then you will have to keep returning to the party until you remember”.

In the greatest sense of being, human existence was created by beings who chose to ignore the full knowledge of what would and could happen if they created in creative ways. One could descend into solid matter but once you created in matter, you were required to be responsible for your creations and teach them what they could not know because of the way they were created. Many abandoned their creations to the fears that were created with them. This then was the creation of evil or the dark side of polarity.

In the light where no fear exists, all of creation when beings co-create with the Beginning Mind. When creation happens without responsibility for creation, that creation happens in the dark or without the light of the Beginning Mind. This point can be argued for all of eternity but it still will not bring to an end the “humanly created evil of fear”. Alive and well in your world is fear and evil.  Anywhere, where one person feels it is better than another person, evil exists. Anywhere there is war, deprivation or starvation, evil exists.

Evil exists because you do not value first, a true connection with the Beginning Mind. Instead, you have assigned to the Beginning Mind a human response system that lacks complete faith and trust in the process of Being. Because you practice reward and punishment in your dealings with each other, you have said, ” as above, so below”, but you really mean, ” as below, so above”, even when you teach that beyond human possibility there is no pain, only joy, fulfillment and the redemption of all human errors in judgement. You teach “do not judge” and yet you judge all of the time. You see need and neediness as the purpose of life but you do not search for the place where such conditions would end. You live fragmented, broken lives of very limited trust and faith. Most of you can live with faith when times are good and all needs are met and life is going as you think it should go.

In human life, because its creation is based upon polarity, the energy of that life must travel through the extremes of polarity. Your choice to respond to those extremes is the basis for the quality of your life. 

As soon as you say, “I cannot live with you”, you have certainly fallen from grace and into the pit of polarity. Evil rules your existence. Here we are not speaking of independence to such an extent that there is no feeling, but rather a depth of feeling that mirrors into your world, a response that comes through you, as it would come as if from the Beginning Mind. So deep is the connection of this “being energy”, that it no longer responds in humanly accepted terms but with the deepest respect for the choices of other, without judgement. This being understands that not everything in their world of being is about them and they are “over themselves”, and are connected to all things by contributing consciously their connection and understanding of that “Divine Beginning Mind”. They see their interactions with other beings not in personal terms but in the broadest terms of how those interactions affect the whole of creation.  Do those interactions create light or do they keep in place systems that cloak human existence in need and neediness.

If you are looking for some great change in physical life through this connection to the Beginning Mind, then you have missed the point. The point is that the mind or energy of the individual human being shifts to responding to life through trust and faith in the Beginning Mind. Its constant prayer for being is “thy will be done”.


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