The Beginning Mind – Part 2 – By Florence Mary – Wednesday June 16, 1999.

At this point many would like to know how they become connected. You must remember that wherever you are, you are in the midst of. You must look back while still going forward. You must allow the consciousness of possibility to enter and not be overwhelmed by what you must come to know. You must constantly choose a different inner life while your outer life may not change at all. You must disconnect from I need, I must have, as a yardstick to measure your life. You must fully embrace “being in the world but not of it”. As soon as you look at your interactions with others and see either an opportunity to take advantage or the possibility that you will be taken advantage of. You have lost your delicate balance. Yet in human terms that exist now, everybody uses everybody. 

In the Beginning Mind every being knows that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It therefore seeks to employ harmlessness and compassion as its only response to human life. It has no need to defend or protect anything because within the Beginning Mind all is in balance and all life is still but not fixed. It flows upon the tides of harmlessness and compassion without attachment or aversion to the outcome of anything within that life. It takes time to respond to the choices of others without an imbalance of emotion. In this mental/emotional maturity the heart and mind are one and respond accordingly. This Beginners Mind does not see the responses of only logic or mind as strong or stronger than the responses of the heart, which may seemingly have no logic in it. Instead, when heart and mind are one, spiritual maturity has begun and Buddha consciousness or enlightenment has been reached.

As the trust between the Beginning Mind and the beginners mind grows, one flows through life without struggle. One does not respond to life from ego based need but rather from its Christ-like being or Consciousness. It stands before life fearless and undaunted by its circumstances but with and innocent heart that has complete trust and faith in the flow of life through its connection to the Beginning Mind. It is prepared to leave behind anything that would divert its energy form its primary relationship which is with its “self”. Its self-fulness is has replaced “selfishness” and understands the difference. Since both self-fulness and selfishness are experiences, the beginners mind sees clearly the middle path of Christ/Buddha Consciousness. It knows that one is inner and one is outer and lives both with harmlessness, compassion and respect for all being-ness of the human experience. 

It needs nothing and desires nothing of the human experience but to serve life through its conscious connection to the Beginning Mind. It takes the pleasure and pain of human existence and sees them as an equal and opposite reaction to life. It does not attach or have aversions to life but rather observes life while it takes part and bears its responsibility for life. It neither seeks to be on or off the hook, but instead responds to the illusions of life with equanimity. In other words, its connection to the Beginning Mind  brings the clarity of stillness into a life that need not be fixed in its expectations and conditions for such stillness. This mind understands that the stillness that is experienced comes from flowing at the same rate of consciousness as the Beginning Mind. Therefore, it looks internally for the reason for its imbalances that can only come from attachments to or aversion to the circumstances of human life.

This beginners mind understands that it may live in the streams of conscious and unconscious collective thinking but seeks neither, yet understands that heir inner and outer responses effects both. Sooner or later these responses will cycle back through their lives as karmatic debris. Each human being is a microcosm of the Universal energy field. Energetically, as the output of our thoughts, words, deeds and emotions cycle through the collective conscious and unconscious realities, karmatic debris comes around as lessons, situations and even people that we must learn to deal with, in a way that ends that cycling of that particular karmatic debris that we set in motion. When we have attained “spiritual maturity” or “enlightenment”, this debris often cycles through our energy system, not in lifetimes but in days or minutes. As we learn the deeper lessons or realities of the physical world that is driven by consciousness, we begin to realize that when we are not one with the Beginning Mind, we are also not in a position of being that is still but not fixed. 

Think of yourself as a planet within the orbit of the sun. When we flow with the energy that moves the whole system we move in harmony (stillness) but not fixed (constantly moving) within the system. We rotate through our particular part of the system harmlessly because we are in harmony with the Beginning Mind, or as Jesus said, “The Father and I are One”. This means our consciousness flows in at-one-ment or attunement with that mind because we have developed the impersonal mind which observes life without judgement while still participating in it. Emotional (motion) moves us truly from the personal suffering mind to the impersonal non-suffering.

Love then, is truer for it has no conditions, expectations or addictions to any aspect of relationship. The Beginners Mind sees the impurities of illusion. Illusions being attachments to any state of mind that does not promote equanimity within thoughts, words, deeds or emotion or is disturbed by thoughts, words, deeds or emotions of others. This state is the state of impurity or “sin”, which is explained when Jesus said to one who had been healed by him, “go and sin no more”. 

In relationships, this impersonal mind loves without clinging or aversion. The person you love is seen neither as perfect or imperfect but as a “human being” whatever they need to be. They do not make you happy or sad because if they do, these are illusions of an inter-personal nature. Inter-personal relationships are collective beliefs that form commonly held beliefs as the nature of reality. Since the only true reality is that which one experiences in common with the Beginning Mind, all else is illusion. Why waste emotion on an illusion? Why not concentrate that energy on one’s true reality but in the same moment, enjoy the illusion as you have chosen to be in it. The delicate balance between reality and illusion is a single unmoving point or zero point, which is the heart chakra in the human body. This is the stillness place of the conscious and sub-conscious mind. (Soul & Spirit)



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