The Beginning Mind – Part 3 – by Florence Mary – Wednesday June 16, 1999.

Mind does not exist in the head or the brain but is generated from every cell within the human body. As the energy travels through the body and etheric bodies, the brain processes the energy or light from each cell and concentrates it into impulses that trigger both biochemical and bio-plasmic responses within the physical and etheric bodies. When body, mind, soul and spirit are not in attunement, dis-ease is generated. You call this dis-ease stress.

When one lives through the impersonal mind it knows no dis-ease. It can know no dis-ease because it cannot see the illusion as real. It sees only Self/self as real. That self/Self is united with the Beginning Mind and sees only the Beginning Mind as real. That relationship is what drives the life of that “human being”. All else is viewed as lessons in consciousness in making choice.  These choices are made in clarity because the mind does not wander or speculate but lives the eternity of the moment or “present”. “Thinking”, is only practised to restore balance or clarity to the moment. Anything else is illusion. 

So, one defines themselves as “I am”, and time as “Now” which eliminates the illusion of past and future. This promotes the right concentration of the mind. The right concentration of the mind is far more than a spiritual practice. Right Concentration is life absent of any and all addictions, even to physical life. It sees everything for exactly what it is and judges no-thing. It cannot judge because polarity, good-bad, black-white, rich-poor, sad-happy, no longer exist for that mind. There is only right concentration. The human being that is practicing right concentration does nothing (thought), feels nothing (emotion), and says nothing (words) that is not harmless, compassionate and respectful to all choices for being. The person who lives right concentration dreams, but does not day dream. Their mind never wanders in speculation, judgement or fear, because it is in the exact moment where it is, like eating, drinking, working, playing. The mind plans only to organize loosely, where and how things could be but allows all things to unfold according to the unity and communion with the Beginning Mind. This state is called Buddha/Christ Consciousness. One must master both before true union with the Beginning Mind can be achieved.

The rightly concentrated mind performs all tasks to the best of its ability, again without judgement. That judgement does not compare but sees “best” without devaluing something that may be lesser. Instead it sees value only in the order of the created reality. That value is a sliding scale between the polarity of all things within the physical dimension of human existence. The rightly concentrated mind “sees” without expending energy that may cause “dis-ease”. 

For those of you who are saying, “I could never do that”, you will get no argument. But for those who say, ” I would like to try and become that”, you will be guided and helped by your existence, right from where you are now. In every life, if you do not ask the right questions, life will provide opportunities for you to go beyond your present reality and ask the question, “who am I, why am I here, what is the purpose of my life?” Those opportunities come not in our moments of joy but in the moments of our deepest despair that accompanies divorce, sickness, upheavals, reversals, deaths and births. If we looked at life through the impersonal mind rather than from the personal, the first thing we would observe is that everything within the physical life is a test. Good or bad, without right concentration we become addicted to both. With the right concentration of mind we pass through these tests upon the flow of unity with the Beginning Mind.

Unity with the Beginning Mind comes about through beginning a practise of right concentration. In the beginning of such a practise, visualization, meditation, physical exercise and emotional balance through observation and “self” evaluation becomes all important. Many of our various aspects of our physical addiction, will make us successful at such a practise but only by truly seeing the trap of the physical addictions will allow humans to be beyond it. To understand the addictions to alcohol or drugs but rarely to life itself. Without a connection to the Beginning Mind we are all creatures of appetite, addiction and needs beyond our capability to satisfy them.

When we look into the paths of mystics and especially the in the case of the Masters we see souls beginning to comprehend the “physical addiction”. They have not conquered the “addiction” to, but rather have mastered the “self” through accepting that “self” mastery is the only path to unity with the Beginning Mind. unity with Beginning Mind lifts one beyond physical life into the world of spiritual connection. To go beyond the addiction, one must choose. The “beyond it” is a mind shift in one’s perceptions of the physical experience of craving or an aversion to the things of life, seeing them not as life but as the circumstances of life, which are lessons and tests on the road to self-mastery.

You must stop saying that you will never have Buddha/Christ mind or consciousness . Instead you must come to see that sooner or later the plan of the Beginning Mind will be served.


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