The Beginning Mind – Part 4 – by Florence Mary – Wednesday, June 19, 1999


One will eventually see that one must look inside to find the deepest and clearest answers to the questions asked through the millenia. They probably have been asked by you many times, in many ways, in many lifetimes. Until we surrender to the Beginning Mind without the force of personality and ego, we keep travelling the corridors of karma without ever visiting the mansions in our “Fathers house”. Those mansions are the dimensions of spiritual possibility that most of us cannot even speculate about. We cannot begin to entertain the possibility of something beyond this world besides a mythical heaven, because we do not know the depths of ourselves that are the pathways to the real “heavenly realms of the Beginning Mind”.

Clearly, when one considers the possibilities of “being” through our faith in our connections to the Beginning Mind, one may be overwhelmed by those possibilities. Each possibility must be earned through knowledge of the possibility and become an experience of the mind before it can become an experience of the physical reality. These possibilities for choice must be learned experiences in the physical that through practice become both mental and physical realities or tools to connection to the Beginning Mind. The beginners tools are prayer and meditation. The initiates tools are prayer, meditation, knowing from faith, thought, intention and visualization, but most of all TRUST. Trust with no doubt.

At this point one may question, to add to their knowledge but doubt puts one back into polarity. The adventure is that one no longer needs to know or see their path. Their trust makes their circumstances of any moment perfect and without struggle and strife of any kind. Their search in the moment is for the lesson that brings soul growth. In human terms, this is very hard, but in trust and with practice becomes easier. Nothing of value happens without understanding. If you struggle against the lesson or refuse to acknowledge it, then the lesson comes around again and again or until it is learned or understood. Once that happens, then you move on to new lessens.

Once the understanding dawns that doing it right or wrong matter little but acknowledgement of the imbalance in energy before, during or after the lesson matters most. This dimension of being called “physical life” is the school room, the lesson, the teacher, the test or exam and leaving is graduation. Leaving for good is getting your degree. How deeply you take the lesson in will determine the quality of your passage through life, back to life or where you can choose to sojourn between dimensional realities. Each dimensional reality contains lessons in self-government or mastery. Each time one moves forward in understanding, you contribute that understanding for all of creation. Each soul that understands a new depth of knowledge about “self/Self “, united, makes it easier for all of those who will follow in the lesson. If one becomes wearied by their circumstance, remember that “where one is in the lessons”, moves all of creation and love forward. If you allow the lesson to overwhelm you, then it may take you a lot of time to recover your balance. When a true vision of balance and polarity evolves, one realizes that the personality of ego based needs can be set aside for something so different that it can be life altering in ways that are undreamed of while in an unbalanced state.



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