The Beginning Mind – Part 5 – Written by Florence Mary – Wednesday, June 16, 1999.

What is Balance?

Like all spiritual realities balance is reached by degrees, understanding practice, acknowledgement and recalling ones experience. How one learns ,practices, acknowledges and recalls the state of internal balance is through choice. One learns balance or not, as one chooses. So, if you do not know where the balance  point is, how will you ever reach it? The balance point, energetically, is the heart. Emotionally, balance has been attained when the ups and downs in life do not deplete one’s energy. Balance is best attained by developing the facility of being able to observe one’s self without judgement and then being able to observe others without judgement.

The worry for some is that non-judgement reality lacks excellence. One who knows who they are and desires and works for union with the Beginning Mind, operates within the physical reality excellently because that is the true reality of love. Love is to give one’s best in service to the “All”. They do not struggle with this question but know that they and the Beginning Mind are “One”. To do otherwise would be an imbalance of energy. That energy is love. Love is the bio-plasmic energy of the Universe. It is the conscious substance of creation. Without it nothing exists or has existed, permanently. The reason we never really die is because Beginning Mind loves so deeply all of creation that the physical rule, ” Energy cannot be created nor destroyed but it is transformed from one form to another through an action or process exerted upon it”, exists. Those processes are all circular in their transformative processes. The higher the consciousness within the process, the more complex the circuit is, like water to stream, as well as the food chain. The more complex the system or process is, the more love it takes to operate that chain of circumstances and events in the system. Sometimes human beings forget this and try and operate systems without true loving energy and the cannot understand why they fail. Nor can they see the ingredient beyond hard work, excellence and diligence that makes the most impossible of creations come to be in our world. This failure to see this ingredient is the creation of all imbalance within your world.

As you look into your “self”, you must do so with the impersonal mind that does not judge circumstances of life living out through addiction and suffering but sees life with trust and faith in the process. That process is expanding consciousness into pathways of connection with the “Beginning Mind”.

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