The Beginning Mind – Part 7 – by Florence Mary – Wednesday June 16, 1999.

The balanced aspects of self/Self bring about a shift in one’s own personal paradigm. This life altering event may happen through a reversal of personal reality or be a gradual coming to realize through intent, that one life may reach the same goal and will come to the same end, not through struggle but through trust and faith.

Trust and faith grow when one leaves the world of man to enter the world of “The Beginning Mind”. This also describes perfectly, “being in the world but not of it”. Outwardly life may not change, but inwardly the change is complete and all-encompassing. One does not go from practice to life or from life to practice. Life is one’s practice of an enlightenment of the human process of becoming. What one becomes is Buddha/Christ consciousness.

This consciousness encompasses both social responsibility through passive resistance to evil but also encompasses a view of society without struggle. Since each person is “society”, this “new” society, is but a mind-shift within individuals. Each individual knows the power of mind energy through thinking as a true creative process. They also understand the need to consciously “rest” the mind through practice/meditation and non-attachment to the creative process. The need to serve the self and others, brings contact with Beginning Mind through both conscious thinking and conscious concentration or practice. Eventually, the mind of ego and personality are transformed through creative and gratitude thinking.

Through careful study one comes to understand that when one is born or their astrological influences, parents and choices for soul growth, help form both the personality and ego based needs that must be filled. The true energy of the ego is the history of human creation which began when beings were procreated rather than created. Fear created ego. Therefore, one’s ego or ID is constantly asking, ” am I pretty or handsome enough, should I have, could I have?” With the untrained mind, no matter what one tells the ego, it will keep answering, ” that could have been done better or I should have done better, I could have”, because it is based on fear.

Individuals will argue that point but the other way the ego operates is to say, ” I had every right, they did…….”, which is blame, which also comes from fear. The mind trained through practice first examines the quality of the mind, by listening to its self talk through the process through observation without judgement. Slowly one learns to re-language the ego and personality by changing that self talk by changing how one speaks in relationship to others and eventually, themselves. As each outcome of relationships plays out one observes themselves, not from “how they were able to influence and control things’, but from their deepest most fervent need to unite with The Beginning Mind.

The ego slowly is lulled into believing that it, rather than the observer mind, is making these changes. For those out there who think this may not be true, sit for one moment and try to think “nothing”. As soon as you try to quiet the mind it yells the loudest. Jumping from one thought to another criticizing behaviour, thought or self esteem or makes excuses or rationalizes behaviour without responsibility. This type of mind response is in response to one’s transgressions against others by doing, “he said/she said” or “he did/she did” type of thinking. This type of thinking happens in response to change that is seen by the ego as “out of its control”.

The ego believes that when everyone “makes nice” around it, the behaviour is because of its ability to control its environment completely. When something upsets the ego, the response  is rage, anger or a slow burn to which revenge thinking becomes the response. This revenge thinking is practiced in degrees by most people when, “if you do that, I will do this”, thinking is practiced. Since human response is always to self/Self in relationships to everything else, the Beginner Mind always looks at the bigger picture which encompasses the ripple effect of its response to stimulus. It recognizes what is happening is change and does not immediately go into stop, but goes, “lets see where this stimulus will take us”. Then response without attachment becomes the outcome. In this way, universal law is served and the ego learns change cannot be stopped but can bring change that is not necessarily “good or bad”, but in the moment, just “is”. Everything within consciousness simply “is”. The moon is. The sun is. They still are or “is” even on cloudy days or dark nights. So too are the experiential circumstances to one’s life. To what is happening, now it will change.

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