The Beginning Mind – Part 8 – written by Florence Mary – Wednesday June 16, 1999.

If one resists the flow of change, good and bad experiences happen by turns but are in the same vein of sameness until one says “uncle” and begins to move within our change reality. Whether on the spiritual level or the physical level being willing, permitting, consciously intentional and observant brings these seemingly different sides of our nature together. In true reality, the more spiritually connected you are, the easier it will be to become spiritually aware, if you are willing to apply the same devotion and diligence to spiritual practice. For either the over achievers or under achievers and those who are average, the development of impersonal mind begins to tell you that you are not what you do, you are not your car, house or spouse. What you are is an “Isness” or “I am within creation”.  When you die, you still are “Isness” but on a different plane, and you are not going to Burger King for lunch. 

You are, however, going first to the greatest part of your-Self, then home to your soul group or to a resting place if you need it. At the first part of your-Self you will review life. You will see how every thought, word and deed affected the bioenergetic/bioplasmic pool from which physical life springs, was affected by you. When that is done you will move into your soul group  and examine how you were affected by you. Once these examinations are done, one then moves into over-soul reality in which, with help from the master guides, one designs between-life sojourns that strengthen the soul reality before one choose its next life. When the soul has attained the learning it needs it then begins to design its next experience. These experiences can be physical, Bio-energetic, Bio-plasmic, dimensional or cosmic in nature depending upon the degree of personality and ego one has to shed. 

Along the way there are safeguards such as forgetting and cosmic personality and ego as physical. One must be fully clear of physical resistance and addiction as portrayed by personalities and ego’s before one moves into the highest realms. Each realm is available to beings to be observed and felt so that they only choose sojourns there when they are ready. Since “Isness”, which would look perfect on the physical level is a 5th and 6th dimensional requirement, there is no danger or chance. The beginner in a soul group knows 5,6 and 7 dimensional reality but is content to be a beginner. It knows it is not ready. It accepts that and has no lust or desire for anything beyond its now. Unlike the physical where the lust for experience even ends life. This is understood but not a reality of higher dimensional realities. The whole thing is “impersonal” and is viewed that way. “Is”, is the reality. In the physical it must be learned or at least accepted as a possibility.

In physical experience, one’s choice drives them forward. In etheric existence the choice one makes is governed by or advised in their choices by guides. There, as in the physical, the choice is often made by lingering personality and ego (karma). What looks simple and straight forward to the soul in that moment becomes difficult as one enters physical reality where duality or polarity must be experienced. How one experiences the extremes of polarity must be learned and taught by each individual, one to the other until a chain of knowledge exists from lowest to highest in the soul group, and transformation can place. Again, each soul in the group or chain must choose between personal or impersonal reality. In the personal, choices are often governed by not what is good for the soul, but what looks best to the world at large. With the impersonal mind choice looks very different. One seems to make choices, not from a “world” standpoint but from a “selfish” place. Yet in reality the choices of the individual are made through one’s connection to the Divine rather than from physical duality in which they find themselves.

There is no this or that, only that which is righteous or Divine. These choices from the impersonal lift one beyond the physical reality into the reality of what one truly is and can be from that moment on. This then is a choice to ascend, first ones own physical existence by choice and then to begin to take on ascension consciousness which is our whole reason for  choosing this sojourn on Earth. We have come here not only to save ourselves but to put in place the energy that cycles through conscious impersonal reality so that others can connect consciously with that stream of “ascended consciousness”. How one lives that out becomes one’s choice. Each soul must understand the “far reaching reality effects of their choices”. Once again, they must choose to see the stream of Consciousness they are committed to and either deepen the connection or disconnect from one and join with another. This choice is a simple mind shift of knowing and seeing, but very difficult when your present choice serves you well in the polarity. The reality of choice is that choice physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally either serves “ascendant consciousness”, or it does not. It either furthers the progress of the stream of consciousness that you belong to or not. You can best serve that stream by keeping your focus in the impersonal mind and live each day as an example to others of how that choice should be lived out in physical reality by drawing spirit closer through your choice to do so. This then effectively ends one’s slavery to duality and puts them firmly in the center of their lives as the creator of that life. How you create and influence others s through the choice to live life as an adventure that you create, rather than one where you are tossed upon unfriendly seas in the storm of duality.

As the duality cycles around you, one deals with it not through suffering but through a clarity that knows all things are fleeting within duality. Therefore one allows the cycling of energy to proceed without hanging on to it. Again, a choice of the impersonal mind that does not allow itself to become entangled in the mire of duality, but instead experiences life through a gladness of spirit rather than the sufferings of ego personality which is individual Karma. It is difficult for the personal mind to let go of karma because the choice of the personal mind is to suffer the extremes of polarity. When one says, “I cannot live without….?”, one creates suffering. When you realize that this state reflects a denial of ascended consciousness, one begins to examine everything. This process of choice reflects ones deepest trust and faith not only in themselves but also in the Divine.

Divinity or God is the energy of love both centrally concentrated and dispersed throughout the All. That is why it is Divine. That divinity is expressed and is divine in each person. Seeking that divinity externally takes us farther away from our connection to our soul group and over-soul. When we go within to “divine” the truth of love, we plug into the All through our direct connection to the Divine in everything. We can only choose it or refuse it.  When we refuse it life cycles out of control .When we choose it, we understand it was never meant to be controlled but allowed to flow through the choices we made long ago, before we took on the duality reality of physical life. It is a simple choice made simpler by connection or a path of suffering and ignorance when we do not understand that karma cycles until you make the choice to forgive it and move on and ascend out of this reality and into the next. The next reality is beyond everything in the physical. It is the choice to personally become the “Christed One” rather than just a seeker. But you must choose it. You cannot fail once the choice is made for that energy surrounds you and lifts you beyond your present reality into a reality of clear choice and perspective of unimaginable clarity that it brings bliss as the constant reality of the seeker. You must carefully consider the choice and choose now. Whether that now is a day from now, a moment away or 100 years away makes no difference. But understand it is a choice.


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