The Burden of Gaia by Florence Mary – Feb 26, 1994

The Earth weeps at her own death and none of you hear her crying. You think of her as a “thing” and not a “being”, but we tell you that she will have to protect herself from those of you who continue to rape her without conscience. Look to the “support” of these “states of being” that exists within the moneys that you blindly invest for your future use and start seeing them as an act of rape. Look at the violence upon your Earth as a manifestation of your relationship to the Earth and then change it. 

Remember that each of you is an instrument of love and you have come here to perfect the music of love that plays within you. The continued denial of this music leads to chaos and disunion of the Earth and all of her peoples. It is in this lack of harmony that wars are born, pestilence rises and plague forms within mankind  to reduce its numbers. This is the only way that both you and the Earth can live in a semblance of harmony.

Each of you must serve in the biggest or smallest ways, both yourself and the Earth. The Earth is your manifestation and hers. You are her manifestation of love and her, yours. This relationship is the exercise of love that fulfills and demonstrates yourself to God and God to You. How do you think it is going? If you think that it could improve then ask yourself, “who is the instrument to that improvement?” Yes, it is you. Do not wait for your neighbour to join you within this commitment to love, for neither of you will enjoin it if you wait upon your willingness one to the other. Do all that you can to seed love into your relationship with the Earth and then you will see love grow in your relationships with other people.

The absorption of this truth and its manifestation allows you to begin to transcend the ego-self, that spoiled child within you, that must always have its needs gratified immediately in order to feel safe within its world. The world for a child looms large and frightening, yet its parents attention and willingness to gratify the needs of the child teach it to overcome its fears within the world as it appears to the child. Remember, even as an adult there is no safety from your fears if you have not put your ego in the hands of God. 

Through the recognition of your own power of love and its applications within your life, lies the freedom from want and greed. See all manifestations of violence and the support of that violence by whatever means, as mans refusal to believe in the power of love within the world. War is not love and there is no reason for it, save the fears that mankind manifests upon the Earth. Since time immemorial man has believed that to fight, even with the members of his own family, was correct and that physical brutality in the name of God, was acceptable in the world of men. It was mans way of manipulating the message of God through Gods prophets and teachers who came to teach us the greatest commandment of all : that we love one another.

No violence, not even a single slap, can lie within this acceptance of truth. In the worlds of love-one-another, lies perfect love, perfect freedom, perfect self-realization and perfect God-union. Within it lies all the teachings of love that penetrate every religious belief that has been interpreted and devised by man for the clarification of that relationship. We tell you that it is better to lose your life at the hands of another man than to kill him in defense of yourself, for when you kill your brother, you have not only murdered him but you have also murdered yourself. You may walk the Earth justified in the world of men but you will not be justified in the world of God. 

Each of you must strive for harmony within the self so that the Self can lead the way forward within the world. Each of you must see the embracing of pacifist ways as the way to God. Each of you must submit yourselves to the understanding that you are safe within your world and anything else puts you outside the world of God. Why would any of you kill for an acre of land when it belongs to the Earth and not to you? Why would you believe that the truth of God lies anywhere but within yourself – if you would even allow that truth to rise from within you and free you from this world?

See within yourself and others, perfection, then it shall be so, for as long as you see imperfection within others, you too will be imperfect. The non-acceptance of this truth keeps you forever in the denial of God and Gods precepts of true love and caring for all beings upon the Earth. It makes you a racist and a murderer. Even if you have never committed those acts themselves. DENIAL keeps all forms of unbalance and control moving within the world of men. When you can look at all people you meet as perfect within the moment of now, then you can know forgiveness for your own faults and failings so that you can rise above them and know true perfection within that moment. In this way you make that perfection available for the worst of your transgressions and yourself.

If you see only perfection in others, even in a limited way, then you are beginning to transcend the ego-self and allow God to return your ego to you in ways that will only free you from this carnal cycle of incarnation and allow yourself to graduate within physical manifestation to the world of spirit which is true self-realization. The next step here then becomes realization of Self and living that Self-Realization within the physical vehicle without denial and fear.

As you seek this relationship within yourself, you must always be willing to shed the lessons of your life as merely the teachers and pathways that have come to you to learn the finer lessons of love. Abuse then becomes a pathway to forgiveness, not only of your fellow beings but also for God who has allowed this to happen to you and then ultimately forgiveness for yourself for being able to prevent this abuse. Realize that forgiveness is infinate and reaches to itself for love. Look deeply within the eyes of your fellow beings and see the fear and denial of love and forgive its absence, as an act of true love. Then in that moment you will realize that God has nothing to do with the absence of love within your life and that you are the only reason that it does not exist and must be denied by you. Hold out your hand to love and embrace the tenderness and passion, realized within God. 

This passion is not born of emotion but instead is born of commitment to one’s higher self realization and becomes manifest in the heart of Oneness and service within the world. 

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.



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