The Call To Love – Florence Mary Masotti, August 11,1993

automatic writing from Aug 11, 1993. 


A man or woman may hear the call to love at any moment. The call to love is always to remember who you are in relation first to your Self but also in relation to all that has been created by you in your world. Every day that you cannot see what you are living as your own creation, makes you a victim of fear. Every day that you remember that all of life is a combination of all our creations, brings you and the rest of your world closer to the ultimate freedom to be free and to choose life free from the burdened life of unlovingness.

When your way remains unclear and you cannot hold your thoughts turned to the reality of love, fear comes and takes hold of your life and turns it all upside down. All of love helps you to learn how to love yourself, God and your fellow human beings so that you can expand love and lovingness within your life.

When you wish love in the personal, look at what you have not allowed to come to you and find the reason. Cleanse your heart of fear and all you wish on any levels shall be yours. Do not delay loving because of your fears. Look at what fears you have and allow them to fall from you like scales and see that you are not exposed and vulnerable. Instead you have donned the armour of love and nothing, not even your worst fears can hurt you ever again.

Do not ever look at the unlovingness in anothers life and judge it. Instead, look upon it as their creation and that of those around them, made through fear. Each of you that are stuck or lost in the mire of unlovingess must choose love. That may mean leaving unlovingness behind and making your way to love again through your darkest nights until you find your light within. How you do this is up to you and how you sustain it is up to you. You are not your fear, nor your choices for the moment, but all you choose in love. Even just being here is a choice for love so never allow anything else in but love. Then and only then will the allowance become the ultimate dance of joy and love that you have all come here to participate in.

You now have to dance as best as you can or not at all. Each of you who joins the dance of love in conscious effort finally realizes that you have been dancing to love all along. It was just fear that would not allow you to see that you were.

So how should you proceed now? What are the first steps? There is only one step. All others are just variations of the one step. Be clear on what it is you wish and work on that first. For you at this moment, to be free of want is your only way to free yourself of fear so begin to create it in your mind. Begin where you are, as you have been shown. When you do, success will come to you rapidly. Love is never far from you. Know that always so that you can always live your love instead of your fear.

Also, look to what is sent to you and value it. Do not judge anything as lacking or imperfect, just allow all to be. 

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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