The Guides Talk Evolution – written by Florence Mary, May 27, 2009.

It is difficult for human beings to pull back from their ego based reality. That reality is a world of “I” without the consciousness that beyond “I” of duality there is a world of I AM, or God consciousness.

God consciousness ends the suffering of the world when one realizes that all that is in form is God. Yes, even a rock is God consciousness made manifest.

You think yourself the highest form of intelligence. But what if we told you that you were the lowest form of intelligence with the highest form of intellect? Don’t think so? A rock knows that it is a rock and does not struggle with that reality. Nor does the rock feel guilty because a man kills his neighbour with it. It knows the act is about the man not about the fact that it is a rock. The rocks life cycle takes longer due to erosion and becoming a part of water and then evaporation, but it is still a cycle.

It will be your cycle too when you realize that all forms are one with their own cycles of evolution. If you have a problem with evolution, read your bibles. God does not need to rest, nor does God need time, but evolution does. If there was no evolution nothing would need time to become manifest inside your world. Seeds evolve into plants through a growth cycle contained within its God conscious nature. Egg and sperm unite and then evolves from a zygote to child. Don’t think so? Have you been born?

The name you give that child becomes their outer identity but raising them as God manifest within this world of duality is the hardest work one will ever do.

So entrenched are we with our outer identity that we forget we are God. We would prefer to think of ourselves as part of the animal world, only capable of a relationship with the Divine.

Instead, the truth is we are no higher or lower in the evolutionary cycle than the lowest grain of sand or drop of water. Indeed we struggle with our identity until we realize that all is God.

How simple that is? How easy that would be to absorb if we could just allow for one moment that we are only here to realize that fact. If we were here to own cars, build houses, have children, etc, we would not die and leave it all behind. Just think, one day there will be no need to leave.

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