The Holy Mother Breath by Florence Mary – August 16, 2012.

Webmasters Note : This is one of the last of Florence Mary’s journal entries. I am bringing it forward here as it speaks of the Holy Mother Breath. Throughout the years of writings there were many changes. Guidance and messages progressed as we did. This then is reflected in her latter writings. Towards the end of her existence in human form here, Florence focused on her artwork and knitting for family and friends. To those who do not know, I will mention the fact that Florence had polio as a child and got through it. However, this would come back to haunt her for the last twenty years of her life as it was revisited and surely contributed to her death/transition and that was a condition known as post -polio syndrome. Florence carried this burden physically and it wore on her mind yet never once did she walk away from spirit or from life. Her suffering was great and done in silence. Her smile lit up a room and yet you never saw her pain. She carried it with grace, even unto the end.

Hour to hour, day to day, progress has begun where you are. It is not easy or simple to unite with others when the minds and hearts are distracted from the truth unfolding before their very eyes. Remember, “none are so blind as those who will not see”, for in your very seeking of truth, you too may become blinded by the pervasive manipulation of that which you seek to avoid. The truth is always that which lies in plain sight or it is merely hidden by what is natural but found “wanting” in the world around you. You are never alone as you travel the expanse of your years. Even in the depths of your own imprisonment or enslavement to the un-awakened self, The breath is whispering “I AM”.

Confusion is not a weakness or even separation, which takes you into unknowing. It is, rather, to the wise, a place to stop and consider what you are doing. 

Once allowing and permitting again, fills your consciousness, making decisions will become easier. The results will move you into, rather than out of “The Holy Mother Breath”. 

Before you ask what is the Holy Mother Breath, we shall tell you. It is the voice of the creative power where you exist. To answer your next question before you ask it, we say to you that there are so many parts to God under the singular Godhead that it would take volumes to explain and still you would not understand. It is not because you are dumb or stupid but rather because your mind is set for the duality where you live. 

Inherent in The Holy Mother Breath is the balance of Father Creator. In all functions of creation, even of growth where you are, is the requirement for the nature of duality to be honoured and also protected by its honouring. Chase your tails if you wish but we warn you for your own mental construction that details will not be helpful.

Do not ask us what you should do. We are now required not to tell you or to advise you. Instead, you must trust your knowing and be able to catch the small hints that strike a chord of “yes”, that is part of all personal knowing. Take care, do not struggle with the “unseen”, for they are no longer a part of your path. 

The path ahead will be brightly lit when you accept that you are the light in your own life, and yes, there will come a time when we will be less frustrating for you when you can read us through “dimensional shifting”. We say to you, “don’t ask”. Blessings to you and to the endeavours in which you find yourself.

Remember, nothing you ever do in your life is ever wrong, but you must be careful of your motivation for doing anything. Wanting to be yourself without any anger is on point. Wanting to be aware, allowing that truth is somewhere between the extremes, is wise. Remember also that most opinions are self-serving, creating boxes just like the ones you may be climbing out of. Keep love and a place between as your sole reason and all will be well. Resist temptation.


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52 year old artist (Obelious Arts & Photography), outdoorsman, nature lover, spirit lover and one of Florence Mary's closest friends. Currently existing in Nelson BC, Canada.

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