The Inner Voice and Past Lives by Florence Mary – January 21, 1992.

Where are the words of God? Many times they are not heard because most people do not listen to their inner voice. Many times that voice is silenced by fear. It takes great courage for most of you to listen to your inner voice because for most of the time, it says things that you would rather not hear. This is the voice of our past experience speaking of all we have known and all that we have ever known since our creation.

In each incarnation, you hear that voice with varying degrees of trust and faith. You are deeply affected by the present circumstance of your lives and often allow that voice only to speak of what is now present in your lives. You must live in the present always and yet the voice may speak to you of past lives but it is very important that you understand that this is only to help you to understand the circumstances in the present and deal with these circumstances of the present and to deal with these circumstances with love. None of you are to live in your pasts. Not even in this life.

When today has passed to tomorrow, when this hour is gone and another hour begins, when the second hand moves to the next second, it is the past and you cannot change the past, you can only change the moment in which you find yourself. Therefor, past lives mean nothing in this one and while they may shed light on your circumstances, what is important is how you live this life, how you overcome your fears and doubts that you have chosen to work on in this existence. To live in the past is to live no life at all. It denies your purpose in the NOW.

If one’s present husband was once one’s mother and you have old business to settle, you must look in the present for the solution to those past difficulties. Very few people actually benefit from this knowledge. There are those who would even have you think that the injustices done in the past justify the present or allow one to feel justified in treating you or you treating another badly because of past wrongs. This is not the purpose of remembering past lives. Remembering past lives only helps you to see how your choices drive your lives forward. They should help you see the habit of your choices, made either in love or from fear and doubt and what that has meant to your lives. Remember, love and all that it entails is the key. Love is the only thing that embodies all virtues.

Love is like a well cut diamond, a very precious gem. Yet, in the cutting, one false step and that precious gem is forever ruined. The scales of love, like justice are delicately balanced and you must be very careful not to teach only the good parts of love. Indeed, even some of the negative parts serve a purpose. That purpose is to allow you to let more light in when it is dark and what is reflected back out is radiance beyond measure. It is knowledge. Knowledge gained through hard work and study and practice. It is always a never ending process, one in which you are ever expanding and encompassing all that comes into your sphere of existence.

You must always be sure that the lessons you are learning are the ones that you were actually meant to learn. Many times, you miss the true lesson because you have no self love or self esteem. Because of that, sadly, you live lives of quiet desperation and you never hear the voice which tells you of the love that is there for you.

There is no punishment to life, only the living of choice. When one falls in love and has children, you do not worry about your gene pools or what might be produced by them, nor do you look at a child with congenital problems and say that this was there choice. Love keeps this knowledge from us. But let it be known that the child does choose the vehicle to reside in but you then must help him or her to be all that they can be in that same vehicle.

A soul always has the choice and sometimes decides to take the vehicle anyway, for there is no really right or wrong way to live. Here, in this existence there are merely lessons to be learned, fears to be overcome and conquered and the coming to know the God-Creator as your personal mentor. 

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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