The Seven Fold Path Of Becoming – by Florence Mary – June 14, 1997.

The first path to accessing the zero point of becoming is Right Thought.

“Right Thought” promotes the state of balance. Right thought encompasses only thought that is positive and focused deeply into one’s own path of becoming. Thought is the very essence of creation. Each of us has lived under the misinformation that our thoughts are private and we are allowed to think anything we wish. Thoughts are private in as much as the rest of our fellows on earth cannot read our thoughts, or at least there are only a few who can. What we think creates our reality and the reality of others. It is contributed to the “Collective Unconscious”. When we think with purpose and intent, it is contributed to both the Collective Unconscious and Conscious, creating either the positive or the negative in those thoughts.

The Collective Unconscious represents all the random thoughts that each of us think each day that we are not aware of. We see someone and think, “she or he looks awful in that dress”. The thought itself creates unkindness that effects all of the Conscious World. Loving thoughts create loving for all of the world of consciousness collectively. As we gain control over our thoughts we use positive thinking in moments when our minds are not occupied by the business of living. Even in the business of living and formulating our relationships with others, we would do well to keep our thoughts positive. Positive thoughts do not contain statements that begin with ; I should have, I would have or I could have. Each of these directs negative thinking towards ourselves. A better way of thinking would then be ; I will do better, I have done the best that I can at this time, I learned much about myself in this situation or next time I will do better because I know better. 

Changing the tapes in our subconscious then becomes easy as we use positive affirmations to change our thinking, instead of worrying about money or not having what we need. We can then say, “I have all my needs met”. “The Universe constantly supplies all that I need.” “I live in an abundant universe.”

Thought is also about our intentions. “I intend ……….” So if what we intend is negative then we create that possibility for the whole of creation. If what we intend is positive then we create that possibility for the whole of creation. Each day we think good things. “I will give to the cancer society, or I will give to the food bank.” Lots of times we give to help but our intentions do not go far enough. If you give to the poor it must be your intention not only to relieve that state in the moment but to end poverty. In each case, when we become a part of some good work, the intention of what we hold in our thoughts must contain the positive change for all of the created world. The end of poverty, sickness, unrest, etc. When we do not take our intentions to a completion, we keep in place the condition of the present, repeating itself into our future. That is why our history will always be our future or put another way, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Intention without a definite conclusion or result, does nothing to change things but keeps the status quo in place. Negative thinking keeps the negative in place. Positive thinking keeps the positive in place but we tell you that intentions with a positive ending for change, changes things. Since “Spirit Will” does not recognize the negative, and only we can create it in the moment, Spirit only works to enhance the positive change. 

Most of you look out into the world and see negativity all around you. You do not support it or agree with it but you judge it negatively. Therefor, you have helped to keep that state in place. The rule is not to judge. You can be discerning and not choose a thing for yourself. This creates nothing but choice for yourself. When looking at something we must look at it like this; “I observe that this situation creates pain for those who choose to be or to take part in this. I intend that this will change and create love and joy in the world.”

Since human beings can also speak, and thought creates, it also creates how we speak about things in any given situation. So, while we observe what we think, we must also observe how it affects how we speak observations and intentions into our world. Changing our futures may be as simple as recreating the way we think and speak our thoughts into the ether.

The second path to accessing the zero point of becoming is Right Action.

Right Action reflects the conditions of our thoughts into the world and governs our paths as co-creators with the Divine. 

In the physical world our creative efforts must have action to make those dreams and promptings from within become real. How we think governs our speech and how we feel about what we must do to create our dreams in the Universe. How we think will also govern the kind of effort we will have to put out to accomplish a thing.

We may have the best idea in the world but if we are not positive that we are worthy to have all of our ideas supported not only by ourselves but also by the Universe, then our way will be filled with hardships and road blocks. When we are positive, we may have to work the same number of hours, put out the same amount of effort, but what we accomplish will surprise even us. In all of our efforts there will be moments when we know that we are being supported for the things we never thought would happen appear, as if by magic and seem to take form in ways we could never have imagined. The right people, places and things are found both by our effort but also as if some “guiding hand” directs us through the maze of our own becoming, into the mastership of being first and foremost what we think, what we speak, what we feel and then what we do.

The third path to accessing the zero point of becoming is Peace.

The amount of peace we can hold in our own life is in direct proportion to the foundation of Right Thought and Right Action within our lives. Most of us, because of circumstance fluctuate between being at one end of the spectrum of positive and negative polarity, therefor our lives are very seldom peaceful. We also believe in “get high and feel good”, even if that high is natural. It is natural for those who have not perfected “Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action and Right Feeling.” Where we sit along the line of polarity at any given moment governs the amount of peace we will be experiencing in our lives.

True peace and rightness in our lives leaves our emotions still and steady within our mental and emotional bodies. Within our physical bodies no pounding hearts or butterflies reign when all is in rightness in our lives. There are also few, if any, conflicts and when there are conflicts our egos do not feel under attack but instead send out calming waves of pink light that surround and support our enemy whom we love so dearly for their troubles.

True peace lacks judgement of any kind and employs discernment and observation that we then apply to our own lives or to put it another way “we mind our own lives”. That does not mean that we do not lend a helping hand to friends or that we do not see the needs of the world around us but instead means that we understand that we represent the Divine Creative Force here on Earth and therefor, must reflect the path of our choosing into the world with Consciousness. When we are minding our own lives, we have very little time or inclination to judge the paths and lives of others. It means that we understand that our path is not the path of others and we always encourage others to find their own mission in life and to put their creative efforts forward into bringing that path into their own consciousness. When we mind our own lives, peace is the consequence of that life.

The fourth path to accessing the zero point of becoming is Joy.

The joy felt in our lives is a direct result of the solid foundation of the first three paths. When true joy shows up in our lives we are no longer suffering over our suffering but instead experience that inner peace and joy even in the times of our greatest sorrows. This is the promise made by all of the cosmic realms when we master the first three paths.  Joy is not only a path to becoming but also the reward for all of our human efforts to be. Be what, you may ask? Our truest most authentic self.

It is in our first true moment of joy that we know who we are and that wherever we are in our development, is fine. When we choose not to judge ourselves or others but instead choose to observe all in life and choose clearly, with the intent to love our path to true being. It is then that we not only experience Joy but we become Joy and our true authentic self.

For the very first time in our lives we understand that becoming is a process and that we are working towards something. We also know that what we are working towards will come in time. For the cosmic rule is ; when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. When we do not judge, the teacher may be the young girl on her first job fumbling through changing the tape in the cash register. She has appeared to teach you patience during a busy day or to bring kindness to your thoughts in a day full of chaos and fear.  She is a great soul that has appeared at the very worst moment in an already terrible day that is giving you the moment to take a breath and save your life from becoming lost from what it was always meant to be. That beingness is the process of becoming. The teacher may be the boss who drives you crazy or the drunk who stumbles into you and says something stupid or even the bank clerk who closes her window just as you arrive. Take a breath. Save your life. Understand that all these moments that happen to you at the worst moment possible are little boards hitting you so that you remember who you are in your process of becoming more.

The fifth path to accessing the zero point of becoming is Light.

Light is wisdom dressed up in all sorts of tests and challenges that bring to you the deepest sense of yourself and who you really are. If you do not know that then you may still be floundering around in the dark because your light is hidden by the darkness of your untamed ego.

Ego is the first liar in all of creation. Ego is the place where you stand still on your own path and refuse to move when the elephants of other egos come charging towards you. Ego is the place where you are so sure that you are right that you refuse to see anything else but your own way. This path does not permit or allow anything else to exist that is not self-concerned. Ego is the place of failure or at least the first step towards your down-fall. Ego is the place where we do not mind our own life and therefor expect to be served instead of being of service. Ego is the place where “wisdom or light”, cannot dwell. 

Being in the condition of “Light in the process of becoming”, turns over the control of our lives to the Divine where the ego is transformed and returned as the sense of “Oneness” with all that is. As we begin to be able to see the thread of the Divine Force within our lives we are able to access more and more wisdom, not only from teachers in our lives but also from the deepest sense of ourselves that begins to take form as the light grows. Eventually, that tiny light will become a blaze that will bring us fully into the next path of becoming.

The sixth path of accessing the zero point of becoming is Love.

Since to define love would be to limit it, we will instead look at love from two of its most important attributes ; Harmlessness and Compassion.

When the first inkling enters our life that love as we have known it and experience it may not really be love at all, we then enter a true path of understanding what love is. Love is always the force of the Divine Mind that loves through us and with us. It is in the animal instinct to protect our young and those more helpless than ourselves. It is what makes a friend speak up for us when we find no need to speak up and defend ourselves. It is what finally makes us understand that we do not incite and we do not engage ridicule, anger, etc, on our path to becoming. It is in the desire to give up our very life to save the life of another. Love is also in the hand of a mother who would caresses a distraught child instead of hitting them, in the middle of a busy day with deadlines and must-be’s, or in the actions of a father who holds his son with concern when the son has destroyed his new car.

Love is also in the choice to say nothing when you know you could say much to one who is saying more than you or anyone else needs to hear about anything. Love is walking away from what is not comfortable to you or for you in any given situation. Love is not needing to be right before the world but being right with the Divine Force within. Love is seeing the distress of others and being willing to help if they want it or need it. Love is knowing the difference. Love is also knowing when need is served or neediness is taking that which it does not deserve ,and removing neediness from yourself so that it will not appear in others. Love is allowing and permitting all things to be without adding or taking anything away. Love is understanding that the Universe always has the first move. Love is finally and foremost understanding that the “Father and You are One”. When you do, your path will be one of complete harmlessness and compassion. And finally, Love just is.

The seventh path to accessing the zero point of becoming is Consciousness.

Consciousness is knowing in every single moment of every single day what you are giving off to the ether from your thoughts, words, deeds and feelings. Consciousness knows all in a single moment of true becoming. Consciousness is the ultimate beingness of all humans being. 

Consciousness is not the mind drifting off to nothingness but one that consciously chooses to drift or move into a state where the senses of knowing, hearing and seeing are heightened. Consciousness is the state in which human beings know and have faith in the fact that they are Co-Creators with the Divine Mind that has created all. Consciousness is ultimately the knowledge that what we experience here on Earth is the sum total of what most of humanity believes about life. What we have to understand is that for every 100 unconscious beings who are contributing that unconsciousness into the ether, one conscious being can over ride all of their contributions with one single conscious, aware, loving thought. That statement should bolster those of you who are making the effort to contribute positive thoughts consciously on a moment to moment basis. It should also scare those of us who do not and make us do our best to live more consciously every day.

When one lives with positive consciousness, we are then not deterred by the negative. Indeed the negative truly becomes a force that we can work with in concert to create pathways to becoming. Viewed correctly, the negative force is the female side of creation that is needed for true creation to take place. Indeed one does not exist without the other. The true negative force is a benign force that clears the path so that the positive action of creation can take place. It becomes the partner in the dance of life that allows the continuous flow of energy into the world.

In the cosmic realms, humanly created negativity is not recognized but is our hell on earth. In those same realms, humanly created positive consciousness is not only recognized but is blessed into abundance for all those who create it from their truest sense of self and love. Consciousness is therefor not an act of becoming but an act of arriving finally at the zero point within the equation of life. Consciousness is the ultimate realization that Spirit and Science are one. That all scientific laws are expressed into consciousness every day by every living thing in the Universe. Do not judge what you see as living consciousness for you will be wrong in that judgement.

If you say that a rock is not living or a plant is not living then you will be mistaken. Each of these things vibrates with a living consciousness that is one with the Source of its creation and therefor holds life to the degree of its consciousness. It lives in service to all that holds higher conscious ability than it does. It holds consciousness and light to that degree and is governed by the same rays and forces that govern you.

As you walk over the dirt below your feet you could be thanking it for allowing you a path on which to walk, instead of thinking of how you will manipulate and control all things in your life. You could be conscious that you have been given dominion over the earth, not to plunder and destroy, but to take care of it, like you would care for your own children. You would understand that each thing you use negatively that has no life in your estimation, holds the consciousness of all things it has been used for. So if you use a rock in a flower border that creates beauty, the rock carries that consciousness. But if you have used that rock to kill a bug or snake or even another human being, that rock holds the consciousness for every rock in the world. Since they are connected by the oneness of their being all is known instantly in that world. 

While all is not known instantly in our world, all consciousness is the sum total of the consciousness of the world we live in. If you see the need for change in the world, then change yourself and the whole world will change with you. It will take more time but understand that your whole world is that which you effect on any given day. Your home, your job, town, province, state and your country depend upon you for its over-riding consciousness. Change your consciousness and the whole world will change with you. The whole world may one day live its truly Divine Consciousness.






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