The Ten Gifts Of Being And Spirit – by Florence Mary – May 15,1993.

Go softly into the world and share your rare gift with it, for the world has forgotten that it was created for the enjoyment of all who inhabit its surface. Look not upon its lacks but instead look upon its bounty and praise that which made it every moment of your existence. Know with assuredness that you never die and will come again to perfect your perfection. Everlasting Life is the gift given to you. 

Everlasting Life is not a curse but your inheritance as a child of the Universe, given to you beyond your freedom to choose your life as you would. So when you choose sorrow and defeat as your truth, no one weeps, for it is realized that you are but testing your freedom to choose, and if not now, later you will realize that no one must suffer as you have to prove their love for the Creator.

Look upon yourself not as a mistake of creation but as its greatest accomplishment, for do you not, at times, look upon your children and see that no matter how flawed you may perceive them, that at moments they are your greatest joy, because they show you their Divinity completely. Know that each of you are joys beyond measure to Creation and you are loved above all else in the Universe that has been created. You are a child of this Universe and you are loved without expectation and condition. Your complete happiness here on this Earth and beyond the physical world of your choosing and the spiritual world where you were created and which is your true home, is the goal of all Creation.

You have been given many gifts with which to smooth your way. The first of these gifts is the knowledge that you are a Child of the Universe and should bow to no one. Do you ask your child to bow to you in humility and fear, or do you build him or her up with praise and support? If you do not then you had better begin to change because, like you, your child will have lost its way and there will be no one to guide them, except you to guide them.

Look down at yourself and see that no matter how you have abused your body, it still works and needs only your time and attention to change anything that is not perfect about it. Aging is not a loss of perfection but a promise of everlasting life. Your body may die, but you, what really makes you, you, for all the lives that you have lived, will live on past all of the antiquities of the Earth.

You are as old as all of Creation, being one of the many possibilities for experience. When you were created, love was created and that is the second gift to you. Unconditional Love. With it, you should have the confidence to do in the world whatever you wish. If you hurt others with this gift you not only hurt them and yourself, you send out a negative vibration across the whole of Creation. Like earthly parents, the Creative Intelligence deserves your love, but is not required that you love or acknowledge the Creative Intelligence, only that you believe that you are loved, and you will best do that if you learn to love yourself.

My third gift to you is the gift of thought. You may think whatever you wish but you are also warned that thought is a powerful tool. With it you shape your existence and that of those around you. So with the third gift you are reminded to be careful what you choose to hold as belief, for to do so you must spend time in contemplation and then what you come to believe is what the world will be for you. If you believe that the world is inhabited by bastards who are out to get you, then that is what your world shall be. Do not cringe at this profanity for it is what those of your world believe, in one small way or another, for they do not yet see the perfection even in those whose thoughts and beliefs are erroneous, or how powerful that one single belief can be. So you must believe that in each soul who inhabits the Earth is the Creative Intelligence present. Do not curse those in error. Bless them kindly and keep them tenderly in your thoughts and prayers, for you can change nothing to the good with curses, not even yourself.

Remember, no errors were made when each of you were created. Only perfection was created and you have been sent about your lives to discover that you are perfectly imperfect. This too is the way of All Creation. Sometimes in your world the odd more often than not, is seen as a rarity and those who fit the mould of sameness are dismissed as being nothing great. We tell you that you are all great. Your thoughts are of great importance to Creation. So when you think in error, Guidance is always there trying to correct the thoughts that do you the most harm. How could it not? For you are all, perfect love. You, as individuals, and as a group, are Creations greatest treasures and your thoughts reach out into the Universe daily.

The Fourth gift to you is the gift of action. It is the sword that you use to cut the fabric of your life into what you wish it to be. 

With the realization that you are a child of the Universe and loved unconditionally by the Creative Intelligence, you create your world not only with your thoughts but also with your action. You can be like Hitler and create hell or you can be like Jesus and create love everywhere you go. All that Hitler forgot was that he was loved and that he was not alone. He believed that he was doing something good for his people, but he chose prejudice and hate and they contain within themselves the seeds of their own destruction. For ALL THAT IS created has been created from love and love is what you shall use to create a new and better world that shall cause all others that have been created within this one, to fall and to pass away. So when you act, act from love, never anger or disillusion for these are a part of fear and in fear can live hate and prejudice and that can never be allowed in the world of love. Know that when your world does not embrace love when it should, your thoughts create what is needed to cleanse itself of the rot that can destroy it. So think and be love and all will know the presence of the fourth gift, the gift of action. For each of you who know and love yourselves will move in the world to change it.

As you go out and act in the world you must have the fifth and sixth gifts. They are Trust and Faith, and while they are separate gifts, one cannot exist without the other. You can have no faith if you do not trust that you are a child of the Universe and are loved by the Creative Intelligence. You can have no trust unless you have faith that your life is yours and that you are loved beyond all reason and purpose. Know this and be Divine, for the creative force is in all things, even the despair and hurt in the world. For from such things, you who are sure of love will act to ease the hurts of those who need to know. What you do will show that love exists as a force unto itself. Remember always that love is in all things, even hate because it is the opposite of love in your world of duality. You can erase hate with your love and with your knowledge that love is stronger than all of the evils in your world. They are all just love waiting to learn their other side and the other side of hate is love, and so you must have trust and faith that this is so.

The seventh gift to you is the gift of purpose. Purpose goes beyond all work and activity. All beings engage in some sort of work, for even thought is laborious when there is no love in it. Yet purpose is also the Divine Reason that you are living in the world of the physical. Did you think that you would be sent to Earth without a purpose? One that would not serve only yourself but your fellow human beings, and in doing so, would serve Love. But be sure that without self-love and love of all things Divine, you cannot fulfill your purpose and it may take you many tries to get it right. Then you may be so filled with love of yourself that you come again and again to share it with those who are your brothers and sisters.

Each of you were put on the earth to overcome your fears and to understand what true love is. When you have found the truth for yourself, you must share it with those around you. Know that until you accept that this is your only purpose you will wander aimlessly amongst your many accumulated riches and possessions and still feel fear. And in your fear you shall destroy the only real love you have ever known. No matter what you are given you will always believe that there is more. If you have not conquered your fear  you will destroy what you have in order to have more. Therefor, you will always be a beggar. You were never intended to be a beggar. It was intended for each of you to live the life of a rich man, but you must examine what you value. If you are lost from the knowledge that you are love and that you were created in love, then you will always be dissatisfied with what you have. Yet if you love yourself then you will have my eighth gift and that is the gift of Divine Discontent. Divine Discontent is what makes you seek beyond the highest mountain or to refuse to believe there is not a cure for cancer. But all of these are physical solutions to spiritual problems. They all stem from the fact that you cannot believe that you are loved beyond purpose and reason, because you just are.

When you believe that, you cease to be a beggar and you become rich. For like a man with millions in the bank, you begin to live your life with peace of mind, even if their is not a dime in your pocket, for you have faith that you will always be provided for and you trust that at any given moment you will know how you can overcome the circumstances of the moment and create what you need to survive the present. It may be hard for you to believe, as you stand in rags and with no food to feed your starving children, but you are asked to believe. Only with unshakeable faith will this world become one of love and caring that will herald in a time of peace and prosperity for all human beings. All it takes is love, trust, faith and a little Divine Discontent and the absolute knowledge of your worth, to yourself and to all of Creation. Know that the Creative Intelligence is always with you and will never abandon you. Even in death, it is that Intelligence who awaits your arrival in the world beyond this one. It does not wait to judge you or your deeds but waits to welcome you home and will send those whom you love, who are here to help you cross over into the world of Divine Spirit.

My ninth gift to you is the gift of fellow human beings, with whom you can share all that you are and all that you have. When you have laid your plans and something comes along the way to upset them, know that there is a choice to be made here. That choice may require you to put aside what you wish and believe in order to fulfill your Divine Destiny. So when all that you have planned has been upset, embrace the change with love and security for it is just an opportunity knocking on the door for you.

In each person that you meet, you will see yourself mirrored. If you do not like what you see in others then change yourself, for they are the best gauge of what must be corrected within you. When you make this personal adjustment within yourself you will find that others no longer have faults, but then, neither do you. So the reward for all of this effort is a world in which you find a brother or sister around any corner that you can share the bounty of your wisdom and love with. Remember, whatever you give to a soul within creation, it will send back to you a hundred fold. If you share hate and fear with the world, it will be multiplied. But if you share love, oh what a wonder your life and your world will be!

In your world you see the gift of Self-Realization as something beyond the norm. It is not. It is a gift of the tenth order, or the tenth gift. This gift numbered ten is the gift of Self-Realization. When you finally accept what a wonder you are, the gift of knowing and being able to see into mens hearts begins to make perfect sense. Jesus had it and so did many others who have come to believe in Creative Intelligence and Love with unshakeable faith. You may rename the gift or gifts as you choose but know it is the gift of Self-Realization. With this you can move mountains, part oceans, fly without wings and aeroplanes and communicate with those who have passed from this earth and exist in the dimension of Spirit.

You were not sent to the world alone. You were sent with guidance and a map that was imprinted on your soul the moment you were created. All you need is inside of  you just waiting to be discovered. When you do you will have the tenth gift, Self Realization. With this gift you will discover and realize your own Divinity and will treat yourself as the rare and precious gift that is given to the world.

In all of existence there has never been another like you. Each time you have gone to your world, you have laboured long and hard in the vineyard. Sometimes you were wise enough to recognize your gifts and at others you did not. But your life was never a waste. For in each life you learned something that makes you exactly who you are at this moment.

You may develop the gift of Self-Realization and find yourself isolated from the world you live in, but look again. It is guidance trying to get you to realize that what you are leaving behind is not making you happy anyways. So leave it and seek the newness that will come to you in Love. But before you leave all you know behind for something imagined, look again at what you are leaving, for it may contain just what you need for Self-Realization. How will you know that what you have left is correct, for a time all that is disowned wreaks havoc in your life, but inside you is a peace that remains in every circumstance of your life. Joy, even in times of sorrow is part of you but do not mistake the thrill of a “new toy” for any of the more lasting gifts.

When true Self-Realization has reached your life, your life becomes Universal. You pray every day for a purpose that reflects the Universal will for your world. Nothing you are asked to do is impossible. Nothing that you are given to do will seem menial for you. For everything will look as the greatest gift you have ever received and your enthusiasm for life, love and purpose will be multiplied a hundred, no, a thousand times.

Even when you are waiting for your purpose to be revealed, do not worry that the Greater Intelligence of Creation has forgotten your prayer for it is never forgotten. It may be that you are not yet ready to fulfill your purpose and must yet age like a fine wine, until you are ready to be poured. So you will have work to fill your time and you will meet those who may fulfill my purpose with your direction. Know that nothing in the life of one who truly believes that they are a child of the Universe is purposeless. Only those who believe they are nothing are, and even that is only their belief, for your worth is always known, even unto the far reaches of the Universal Light Fields and Spheres.

So we come to the place in every day where you must continue with physical life and the world of the Divine must fade for the moment until you must rest once more. Share these words with those who would be of service and they shall hear them. To others ears the meaning will be as lost as they are but the feather of discontent will coax them back to these words, so they too can know their value to the Universe and to themselves and their fellow human beings.

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should. 



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