The Time Is Now

Within the power of the unseen mind lies the eternal moment. That moment is now. Now is always perfect for its unfolding is not leaving behind or going forward to, but rather the stillness of being present now. It is as close as your breath yet as distant as the furthest star if you do not acknowledge its power. The power of now is clarity, seeing only what is present in the moment. If you judge what unfolds then you fall from grace into qualification; good/bad, up/down, back/front, pushing yourself deeper into a separated self.

The separated self is the ultimate in suffering for it is always steeped in judgement, either requiring to forgive or be forgiven for some unclear but felt transgression against wholeness. If we look at the divisions within the physical world we would understand that wholeness is an acquired state of mind. Infants are whole, seeing no separation between themselves and others. As they grow they learn separation and are often afraid of strangers, crying when they encounter someone they do not know. Toddlers will be shy with people until they figure them out and then will laugh and play with that stranger with delighted abandon.

Even as adults we will meet someone  new with great solemnness and look deeply into the eyes of a stranger for a clue to who they are. If we are deep within separation we barely acknowledge the introduction and even go so far as to exclude the stranger by initiating conversation that leaves them outside the circle of inclusion. Indeed, here is a forgetting of the power of now, the sacred moment when acknowledging another makes us whole, no matter how awkward we may feel as we struggle with our desire to control the moment.

The deeper one looks into the moment of now, the more powerful they become. At first now is like a scary monster with dripping fangs and sharp talons ready to shred our self esteem. It does that because we realize that we cannot control the present moment. We can control the past because no matter what happened, we have our own version of it. We can also control the future, building castles in the air that never materialize in the now. And yet now is as much a part of the illusion of time as past and future. They are part of our separated self. The monkey mind running hither and yon looking, ever looking for the wholeness and inclusion all beings in physical reality crave.

This craving spurs us forward to create in the only moment we have; Now. You cannot create in the past, nor can you create in the future but now allows us to create afresh or bring forward the energy of our past as a catalyst in the sacred moment. If we bring the energy of our history forward without a complete and clear understanding of that history, we are more than likely to have history repeat itself. If we understand our history and through examination have forgiven that unfolding, then the energy we bring forward from our history is wisdom.

Wisdom then is knowing ultimately that within universal law, there are some things that work and there are some things that do not work. We should avoid those things that do not work and repeat those things that do work often, watching out for moments when even what works may suddenly abandon us for experience sake, so that we learn discernment. How often have we thought, “If I did that ten years ago I would have been tarred and feathered”? But as linear time moves forward our ever changing nature changes what works and what does not work to fit our evolutionary progress.

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52 year old artist (Obelious Arts & Photography), outdoorsman, nature lover, spirit lover and one of Florence Mary's closest friends. Currently existing in Nelson BC, Canada.

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