The Very First Writing – By Florence Mary – July 7,1991.

Webmasters Note : This is the first communication with guidance that Florence Mary put down on paper. Fleurde Lis are the name of this group. I figured as I had posted one of her last writings yesterday that it was time to post her first one. This was the first writing and all writings flow forth throughout the years after this one. As I type the words, I myself will be reading this for the first time that I can remember. I can tell you that Florence walked her talk and it sprang forth from the first hint of light from spirit. Namaste

Today we want to reaffirm Gods love for mankind. We can see love around us if we look for it. We can have all that we desire from life if we can but allow God to live in our lives. God asks only that we believe in Gods plan for our lives. It was born in us when we were a spark in the universe. As we grew, we were tempted away from the light of God. It is a journey all souls  make away from God. We expand and we grow but as we do that we become able to have a more equal relationship with God. We become independent and like all children, rebel against their parents. 

We become like the child who runs away from his mother, but soon finds his freedom frightening. He stops to see if she is still near and then plunges ahead and onward, keeping her in sight. Some however, loose sight of their safety, and therefor, themselves. When they do this they enter into a constant state of reproach for having lost sight of their parent. The feeling of loss overtakes the growth and development of that soul in their physical, emotional and spiritual lives. There are many inconsistencies. A very good man may be a sex offender. This may be secret but never the less apparent if looked for. Physical problems such as heart, kidney, obesity, cancer or recurring physical problems can be traced to the fact that the entity feels abandoned in his world. He feels undeserving of the company of our God. So every day he sins in order to feel something or not. Whatever he does, he knows he has strayed from the path of God. Finally he gives up and becomes nothing, which is the greatest sin of all. It is akin to suicide which takes more forms than can be seen plainly.

The person who smokes, drinks, eats, loves sex or even works too much is committing suicide as surely as the person who has put a gun to his head, a needle in his arm or a man who cheats on his wife with a harlot. What manner of men do we become when we fear our aloneness or want only to be alone? 

What we have here is fear. It is the same sin and yet it comes in different guises. What is needed in both cases is trust in God. God is the source of all power. Like the sun, God radiates all knowing, being, birth, death, advancement, attunement and guidance. All we need is to live within the light of Gods love. 

We are all Gods creatures. Every rock and stone vibrates with its knowledge of why it was created. Every plant is content with its existence, its potential for being and for what it truly is. This is truly the reason nature comforts even the most troubled of souls. Only man is driven to discontent by his own refusal to join with God.

God is not found in elevated places nor is God often found in the places dedicated to his worship. But surely we tell you that God is in each man who comes in his name. God is often found in the person who moves quietly among the sick and the desperate of the world, where one man walks among them knowing that God lives within him as himself and he walks amongst them.



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