The Wise Man – Written by Florence Mary June 22, 2005.

Only a frightened man does not acknowledge his greatest need : Power. The wise man not only acknowledges this need but also looks for his power where others do not , inside himself. In doing this internal search for power, one comes to realize that this power is true authentic that transcends all of the powers on the “outside”. This man is triumphant and victorious, always.  His is triumphant over his ignorance and victorious over his fears. No law restricts him or binds him because his life is bound up by the ultimate law. The law of love. This law allows all to be, without judgement or ego and seeks to change no-thing, person or event because to do so would be to disrespect the rights of choice, freedom or consequence in the physical world of effect. This “wise man” knows that he is the “cause” in his life and therefore seeks a life of true power. That life of true power accepts the responsibility for cause and effect or karma in his life. This man never blames, rewards or punishes others for what is in his life. This man understands that he can change it all by changing his thought and not wavering. He holds the vision until what he has thought becomes a reality. In doing so, this man not only uses the universal law, but becomes it. What this man ultimately finds as truth is that he has changed nothing, only himself.

Law 1 – and the only law is change yourself and the world changes with you. 

Being willing to change sets in motion unseen power from a never ending source. This source is benign and assists willingness because it is also the catalyst for being. Being, has no bounds or definitions because it is always being created in the moment. Therefore the man of true power dreams the biggest dreams and seeks to fulfill them not as everyone else would because he knows “that line is always busy”. Instead, he seeks not the common good, but his own “original good” which knows much of the common view but sees his world from innocence, which is never bound by common knowledge. It is bound only by the expansiveness of his thought and feeling and never gives up and holds his vision of love in silence working constantly to achieve his goals. He always has time because he creates that as much as he creates everything else. He knows that everything takes as long as it takes and is not impatient. He allows things to unfold and reaps the harvest of that unfolding daily. He is never defeated by events and the circumstances surrounding events. The wise man knows that events and circumstances are the walls of the maze of life and finding the best way through the maze is the adventure. When he seemingly has taken a wrong turn he follows the path that leads to a wall yet also knows that the return trip is part of the adventure. He also sees the return trip as an opportunity to gain insights from another perspective that he may have missed as he approached the wall. At the wall itself, this man always checks for hidden doors, foot holds, tools, ladders or holes that may allow him passage, over, around or through the wall.

So, the wise man has no fear for he knows that life will give him more than he could ask for and what it gives, depends on the condition of his mind. Mind will always stray when not engaged in purpose.

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