Tuesday June 9, 1992. Message from guides – Fleur de Lis – by Florence Mary (updated)

Webmasters Note : These are very early writings. They came to Florence about a year before we had met, but these would be the first that she would share with me. The originals were in French by automatic writing and then in English done by typewriter. This particular grouping of guides communicated to Florence in French and she would re-write the earlier ones in English. Eventually the writings came in English and yet when they spoke to her they spoke in French. This early grouping of guides brought forth the first messages and then the torch was passed to other sources and yet they would come and go in Florence’s life over the next 23 years, until the day she left this earth. At times here, they are speaking to Florence directly yet at other times they speak to all of us. I have added a second writing below this one.

It is in the Oneness of all things that we shall find the Lord God. He is our strength of purpose when our own falters and we do not know the way in the dark. It is in this belief that we shall find self-love and remember that love, even from God, has no expectation nor condition because true love allows all things and bears all things. 

You dear one, must come to understand with all those around you that we need you and love you beyond anything you can measure in human terms. You are the conduit through which we shower our love on the Earth. As you teach others and they come to you to be taught and come to know god truly as he exists within them, you shall grow in the ways of God and of the earth.

We know that all of you, when your path is not clear, that you feel lost and alone but we tell you to only believe and create in your mind the things you most desire and need and they shall be yours.

Love is ever thus. Love is creating and giving. Love is knowing and seeing. Love is knowing that when you shed your physical body that your soul goes on and on, living in the light of Gods love. It is knowing that even here you must work to progress and prepare for another earthly adventure or for one that lies beyond the realm of your imagination. It is here where trust and faith really are necessary for all of us. For, through all of your existences, even here beyond the veil of human experience, you continue to test your love for yourself and for God. It is here again that the trust and faith become the key ingredient of existence for without them you all flounder in the dark and no friendly hope from anyone. It is also here that we finally learn that peace of mind is all and that we should have learned that lesson on Earth before being tested in the outer limits of the Universe.

There is much beyond what you know as the universe. It exists in a vastness that is beyond measure of perceptions, even by your most advanced and sophisticated sensors. But man is growing all of the time and one day one of you will realize to find God you have to utilize the power of the MIND and not the power of INTELLECT. For the concept of God is not reasonable as you think in human terms. He is, and you believe, so, he is and yet you have no real proof of him. Only very few of you are sure that he exists beyond your faith. It is good to have faith but you must come face to face with God in every existence so that you will know him as your creator and your partner in creation of all that you live and believe.

Faith is but a word to those who have never experienced it. Faith does not exist in one who does not live it and few people do live by faith. Faith is without fanfare and the trappings of form, books or symbols. It is like God, within you unmarked by anything accept love. Its brother, trust, resides beside him in harmony and concert with all that is in you. Without one of them the other could not exist, for they are inseparable from love. Love itself, is inseparable from self. If you do not love yourself then you live in darkness and fear. Fear controls you and manifests addictions and behaviours that are heavy and burdensome to the soul and mans passage from earth.

A person who does not love themselves may be fat or thin, alcoholic or a tea drinker who would not let alcohol past his lips. You may smoke to excess or sex, drugs or any other manner of thing that exists on earth who’s use tells all, “I don’t love myself”.


March 04, 1992.

Only in God can you find the song of your heart. Only in service to God can you seek your true hearts desire. Only in meditation can you find that which you have sought through every lifetime. It is to be learned and taught by all of those who are a part of things to come. For each person who seeks God the road is different and the way is different. For only YOU know your hearts inner roads.

For those who say that they do not have the time to sit and seek God, that they  are far too busy doing Gods work, we tell you. You do your work for your self. Remember that God does not forget about you so give God the opportunity to be known to you, as was meant to be.

Do not repeat meaningless prayers and rituals to a God that is created in mans image, but seek the prayer that speaks to your heart if you are unable to speak your own. When you find your voice, pray for what you see, and we tell you that will be love. Love that will change your world, for one day the prayer that you pray will be the one that God wrote upon your soul when you were created and set upon this voyage of the soul.

Love, whether it be physical, spiritual or True, is a gift from God. Like all else in life, it must grow and change into something that you use to worship God with. Everything you are, every function and process of your body, every thought, every need, must reflect the God within you, for you are a child of God and your example will give hope to the world and joy to those who already have hope.

You need ask nothing of God for God knows your inner most dreams. Seek God’s will inside and you will see it manifest in your life. Unburden your mind from concerns and see the God within you. Then each thing that you are required to do for your very survival will become a joy and a true homage to God. 

If you have no home you must know that God wants you to travel some place to do God’s work. If you have no house it is because someone needs to learn to share with the willingness of God. If you seek love, seek only the trueness of it, for that is the only kind of love that will give you shelter from the cares of your world. Be not one who says, ” I love God”, for you know not love. Instead say, ” I am one who seeks to know the love of God and I leave it to god to show me the trueness of it”.

Know this and be of God, all unfolds as it should.


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