Untitled Poetry by Florence Mary Masotti from November 1991

In heart and mind, I know above all else

That life is but a reflection

Of my relationship with my Self.

And it follows, as night does day

All good or ill comes from that same place

Deep and abiding, I cannot hide

Nor can I blame another for what is

For I am the author of my destiny.

The above poem written in November 1991 by Florence Mary Masotti


It is only now that I remember

That it is not what i say, but how i say it.

More importantly

It is not what i hear, but how i hear it.

If I am guilty

I will hear the accusation, “You are guilty”.

If I am constantly guilty, then I must find out why

For i cannot pay for the sins of the whole world.

If i can forgive others, i must learn to forgive myself

For there lies true forgiveness.

If i am always sad, i must look to myself for the reason

For life is not cold, as I may have created what I have sewn.

Walls are not too high to climb, nor wells to deep dark pits

These were made and dug by me, so i could be free

To love myself as I must love others, in this journey of Self discovery

The road is long and hard but I will walk it joyfully.

The above poem was written by Florence Mary Masotti November 1991


In the morning when I awake, Just a moment do I take

To say to God within my soul, Thank you God for I am whole.

I sometimes wonder where I’d be, If I had not looked for me 

Among the ashes of my life, Between the darkness and the strife.

I often wonder how it all came, To be this hard unwinnable game

Of you hurt me and I’ll hurt you, Was it ever once that our love was new?

And still this echoes in my soul, As a far and distant goal.

To know once more that passionate state, Before life says that its too late.

Are you somewhere far off in a distant place? Are you running some unwinnable race?

To find rewards that are not there, In a race that is not fair.

Or are you waiting in a peaceful glade, Where passion and love are never staid

For those who stop to smell the rose, Deep in the gardens where it grows

Let not your eyes refuse to see, What gifts life holds for you and for me.

For mind and body are spirit too, and will forever bring me closer to you.

The above poem written by Florence Mary Masotti, November 1991


I am tired of running with my heart pounding in my chest.

I am tired of the coloured lights flashing in my head so i never can rest.

I am tired of never knowing the right thing to do.

I am tired of walking upon eggshells around you.

I am tired of not knowing what i saw or heard or thought is true.

I am tired of having to listen to what I’m supposed to do.

I am tired of being used by everyone else but me.

I am tired of never ever being able to just be me.

But i am getting stronger in the middle of the night, and i will not lose this very important fight.

I am tired of blaming everyone but Me, for this state of existence in life’s storm tossed sea.

The above untitled poem written by Florence Mary Masotti  in November of 1991


There is a spot where I go that no one knows,

It’s deep inside where no one goes.

Full of colour and light and sound from life flowing round all about me.

It is a quiet place beside the sea, the sea is dark, deep and wide

And into its arms I just may slide.

To rest and renew my growing soul, it will harbour me until i am whole.

This sea is deep inside of me, it has the knowledge that I am free.

Free to be who I was meant to be.

The above untitled poem was written by Florence Mary Masotti in November of 1991.


Soar mighty Eagle, above the earth and sea.

You with eyes so bright, attuned to all life below.

Great hunter of the forest and sea, what has God planned for the likes of me?

Long do i wander and wonder at your graceful flight, Eagle of my totem, bless your sisters life.

On craggy hilltop lies your nest, and so i must climb up before i can rest.

To gather from it a feather bright, to wear on braises ever light.

For I am a warrior, strong and free, but most of my battles are between me and me.

Eagle with your mighty soaring, do your hear my true heart roaring?

Attuned high to your graceful flight, in the midst of God’s daylight.

Soar mighty eagle, above the earth and the sea and with your eyes so bright.

Attuned to all life below your flight.

The above untitled poem was written by Florence Mary Masotti, November of 1991.


Inside of myself, I am splintered and shattered.

But my pain is the glue I use to put myself back together.

For I am not new, yet I am not used either.

For I have but lived in the way intended, before my rebirth.

All people must learn that within them lies their God, the Father to all of their being. 

And through this power all things are possible, even death.

For I have allowed His tears to wash away my sorrow, and now i have come to the best part, a tomorrow.

A time of freedom to always be, who I always was, Me.

The above poem written by Florence Mary Masotti in November of 1991.


Rain falling ever downward, over rocks and trees, needles and leaves,

At the feet of giants who ever reach up towards the sky.

I am whole and i am strong, because i am a part of all that ever was, is or ever will be.

I am a child of God, strong and straight in this created world of wonder, though it be swept away by life and love and the forces of nature.

The above short poem written by Florence Mary Masotti in November 1991.


My joy is within me, on me and through me as i awake to greet a new day.

It simmers like water in a pot, hissing against heated rocks. As it jumps clear of its maker, to spread warmth to all who wish it or need it.

It tastes sweet upon my tongue and it bubbles through my veins in a never ending echo of who I am.

I gave birth to myself through pain, shared with one that I had learned to trust, and now I am a child of joy.

I recognize my brother, sorrow, yet never shall I let him defeat me even though at times, he is bigger and stronger than I am.

I feel to the depths of my soul, my sisterhood. To those who have suffered giving birth to self. And so I joyously take part in their nativity as I do in my own, knowing that one day not far away we will melt in joyous abandon.

We shall surely be as children let out of school early, laughing at all we know about the joys and sorrows of life. For unlike children, we have lived it all and now we savour with discretion, what life offers.

I am a child of joy. Free of my past, recognizing that if I let it, it can sneak up and become my today.

Above poem written by Florence Mary Masotti in November of 1991.


As you rise gently from sleep, then joy bursts in you.

As your eyes open and you see me, my blood rushes through my veins.

Wanting always, wanting you.

In the union of both body and soul, never replete until I am with you.

Joined in flight and spirit, mind and soul.

Never quite whole without you, but strong in myself and stronger for having you in my life.

I am possessed but not a possession. I am free in the truest sense of freedom.

You are my confidence when my own wanes and you are my strength when life drains me.

The above poem written by Florence Mary Masotti in November of 1991










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