What are the qualities of a Master? By Florence Mary – undated

A master is one who :

– knows how things happen

– does not fear

– understands the difference between fearlessness and

– seeks excellence, not perfection

– empowers himself and others

– lives and speaks his/her truth

– knows that truth is relative to experience

– knows that enlightenment is the willing to know and
  to experience the “All”.

– knows what works

– does what works

– allows inner prompts to move him/her even in the
  of going against the human tide of shared experience.

– seeks wisdom rather than lessons

– knows what true aliveness feels like

– thinks and creates from the zero point

– knows that love is the most important thing

– understands the experience of human love but seeks
  to love from the source rather than from human fears
  and needs.

– does not attach to outcomes

– seeks to be of service

– lives simply, through non attachment

– holds nothing more sacred than freedom

– knows that desire, love, choice and intention without
  attachment is the creative force of the universe.

– holds light within

– waits for the universe to present its plan and then acts

– does not regret

– moves softly in the Unified field

– does not seek to change externals

– understands that self-change, changes the world of
  human experience.

– does not seek to right wrongs, but to change the

– does not think or act like others

Webmasters Note : While going through some odds and ends I found this little nugget. It is an addendum to this writing. Short and sweet and to the point. It is a little blurb for the master.

The masters life exists only within and is perceived externally in the same quantity or quality of that inner perception. Here is the place where the master first creates both quantity and quality or the mundane or a lack of richness in one’s life. 

Awareness becomes the tool of the Master. Relaxed within the form of their humanity but constantly moving between vibration and dissonance, creating, re-creating, being born and reborn, again and again into the present moment.


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