What Dreams May Come….written by Webmaster Steven Dec 15, 2021

Hello again and thank you for your time. To say that for the past two years i have felt in a state of inertia is an understatement. Sometimes i would feel like i was waiting for something to catch up to what i felt or knew and yet other times i felt hopeless and alone and lost and in some sort of really bad movie of some kind. Mind you, the knowledge i had twenty years ago was extremely limited and since around 2017 things started to shift. Perhaps it was the great alignment that happened in September of that year? You know, the one that will never happen again? Knowledge has been increased since then and understanding was increased at a break neck speed. The illusion of the carnal world carried on and the dark forces began to see that their time was short, or so it seemed.

So, in viewing things today, at the end of 2021, certain things come back up. I go back into my dream time as a young boy and i remember the first dream of the sky turning black and lightning flashing like a finger writing in the the sky the words “God is Love”. That dream is still on instant recall 50 years later. So now i move forward in time and i do not know if i told this dream to you and forgive me if i did, but it needs repeating at this time, so here it goes. 

A few years after that, i dreamed i was riding my bike to school. When i got to the road by the local ball park everything in the landscape shifted and before me was a scene split in two. Everything on the left of me was beautiful and lush and amazing. Flowers in full colors and terrain that was beautiful, almost paradise. Yet when i looked to my right everything was brown and dried up and burned and covered with blood. I did not want to ride my bike along the line that separated the two for fear of landing on the right side. I woke up and that was the end of that.

So now i will move forward in time to a dream i had as a young man of 24 years old. I had just been married and my wife was out visiting friends. I reclined onto our couch and i passed out into a deep and very fast sleep. Soon the landscape turned to a part of the city i live in. I was walking along the main highway on my way home and was just turning the corner. I was on foot and it was raining very hard. The night sky was black and a heavy dark haze hung over the area. I was in a rush to get home to my parents house for some reason and as i turned the corner my feet began to raise off of the ground. I was unable to move as i began to raise up. Suddenly i was high above the ground thousands of feet and i looked towards the north and i saw a great dragon coming over the bridge that crosses Kootenay Lake, into the city. Behind the dragon were military vehicles for miles and miles. The military vehicles were dark with a red star on them. As the fire breathed from the dragons mouth the military vehicles behind the dragon started to fire on the city. Then, i began to become aware that i was not the only person up in the sky. Many others were there too.

I awoke in a cold sweat with that dream seared into my consciousness. When i think of the lightning in my dreams it is always more like plasma. In my last dream i dreamed of four pops of light over a mountain and then the sky turning red and splitting open like a zipper. Red and blue and purple plasma filled a blackened sky. Fear was everywhere for everyone had been caught asleep. 

So now lets move forward. For the past 2 years i have dreamed that i am in a city and i am looking for Florence Mary but i cannot find her. I am always one step away. I feel her presence in my dream but she is not there. I usually end up in a building with doors and rooms and a hallway that is in a full square if you were to walk the whole floor. I open doors, go inside and open drawers full of insignificant things, or so it might seem. I end up in vacant buildings where i used to live but they are not the same. They are vacant and strange. So my point is that she has left breadcrumbs but they are not easily found. Times and events are changing this.

Since it seems we are following a script and it appears to be somewhat biblical in its theme as far as this possibility unfolds. I am going to point out that the Great Artificial Intelligence prototype for the perfect society is the social credit score in China. This is the material perfect society. The western nations are going to fall. As people in the west figure out what is going on it will be too late. Like the AI, they have infiltrated every aspect of our society, especially media and governments as well as NGO’s. 

My point being is that they have a plan for every move that is made. Babylon must fall. Edom must be removed. The kings of the east are readying. If this does not come to pass then i will breathe a sigh of relief but seeing as we have several timelines emerging and converging, we are being pushed into a direction we think we have no control over. The enemy is at the gates. We are asleep. Our way of life is being wiped out so they can bring in TOTAL CONTROL. They no longer care what you think and are opening up because they now have total control.

Major things are coming and they are not far off. Planetary alignments again this winter solstice will move the clock forward. If nothing comes to pass in the next 4 or 5 months i will breathe a sigh of relief and give thanks forever. Yet on the slight chance i am correct, one should at least prepare mentally and spiritually for what may be coming. By giving you this message there is no blood on my hands and i have shared a concern. 

Around the solstice a shift comes. Things will begin to tick up a notch.  Taking down the power grid during winter has also been proposed. They are rubbing their hands in anticipation. They will blame it on the hackers and you will not know what is happening until it happens. When the power goes out you will be sitting ducks. The invasion might be upon you like locusts filling the sky. Most will not survive long without power or food or heat. Farmers have been paid to dump their crops. Containers for shipping amasses like a lost armada unable to dock and deliver supplies. They are squeezing us. They have created the perfect storm. Those that think everything is going back to normal will be disappointed, sadly. These are the days of iron mixed with clay and in the end it gets smashed. In the end Artificial Intelligence will do what all parasites do….eat their host.

Buckle up folks. Meteors, wars, man made disease, famine, its just around the corner. Time to wake up to who we are and hold on to what we have in spirit, with love and compassion. This is not running fear, it is just a warning and i am paying it forward. Protect your hearts, minds and your children.

A year after Florence died i was with a friend sitting by the ocean. Sept 02, 2016. My friend and i saw 3 lights rise up out of the ocean off in the distance. The middle light would rise up and get very bright and the other two lights would spin and brighten and then lessen their brightness. This went on for some time and we watched the lights. Then we saw the light spin and emit some kind of weird action. Like an invisible pulse or something. It coincided with a meteor that just happened to drop out of the sky that came out of out of no where. We saw the lights bump or push the meteor far inland and we saw a green flash followed by a red flash and the a thunk. Although i was 800km from where that thing landed, i was maybe 10 or 20 miles from the lights that came out of the ocean. After a moment or two there rained down millions of colored sparkly glittering rainbow lights that crackled quietly and the went into the waters of the ocean maybe 100 meters in front of us. It was long and wide and the most remarkable thing i have ever seen with my eyes in this lifetime. I also remember the day after this experience. The meteor had broken up over the West Kootenay, which was back in the area where i lived. I had taken a trip to visit family on Vancouver Island after Florence’s passing. So here is the weird thing….. as i was sitting out on the deck the next morning in Campbell River enjoying the sunny day and remembering what we had seen the night before, i noticed a large military craft. It flew over the ocean where me and my friend had been sitting and started to spray a strange blackish substance like a chemtrail, but this was much lower. They sprayed this stuff everywhere the lights had been flashing the night before. They waited until they were passed Quadra Island and they sprayed back and forth and the went in a few circles and disappeared. So what were they spraying? Were they looking for something?  I suppose only time will tell but something is up. Do not let fear or the lusts of ego catch you off guard, but buckle up.




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