Writing from July 02, 1993 – by Florence Mary

Webmasters Note : This writing begins with the guides giving Florence Mary a message in the first four paragraphs. After the message Florence asks some questions about other worldy places and beings. The responses that follow are rather interesting. I was not going to include this as a part of the writings but i have had a change of mind and heart. At this point in time it may be beneficial to look at the questions asked and answers given. They are a part of the text of the writings and so to keep things all together in context, I have written them exactly as they are written by Florence Mary. There are always questions to questions and layers upon layers of answers in these writings. Some give calm and peace, some stretch the imagination and the logical mind. Keeping the mind “pliant” is always a good thing. Namaste, webmaster Steven….


Always allow the pains of physical life to flow through you or you will find them manifest as physical realities such as colds, flu and physical pain. Always look at what is happening in your life in the broadest sense possible and know that at any time you could choose whatever you are living to be different by changing yourself.

Nobody is ever without options. Nobody is ever without choice. If you sit waiting for the phone to ring or for a knock on your door then you may indeed wait in vain. As always, life is not only lessons but also a demonstration of those lessons. You must stop the cycle of learned and remembered pain so that you can begin to transform your life and chose love as your existence. Remember, whatever you are prompted to do, you must do from your inner most knowing. Do not delay in accomplishing your physical goals for the opportunity will not be there forever.

As you can change nothing outside of yourself, realize that the period you are experiencing right now is one of personal growth, the way of your Earthly existence and allow yourself to expand within your own life. Do for yourself what you need to do and leave the expansion of love within others to themselves at this moment. 

All of you are at a crossroads at this moment. All of you have had things happen to you to demonstrate paths that are resistant to your purpose. Always choose the path of least resistance to your purpose. Always choose the path of least resistance for yourself. Look deeply at the life that you are living and find the places where you are not flowing and change them. You can only do that by changing yourself on the deepest stratum of your being. 

Florence Mary : The other day, the writing I received told of origins for most of those who are coming together are from Nova Teri?

Guides : Yes, a great master and great teacher, one who has raised himself to that level by devotion to others and God. He also came to Earth to protect and lead and has earned life beyond the Earth’s cycles of reincarnation.

Florence Mary : Do Terian’s reincarnate? 

Guides : There is no need for them to do so for they have risen above ego and travel to God’s work by their power of love and knowledge and by manifestation of true and abiding love. They have never tasted the fears of life as you have, but you must also understand it is because they have always chosen love as the highest experience of soul rather than that of body and mind. 

Florence Mary : Is it true that sexual activity is what keeps us here in the reincarnation cycle?

Guides : Yes and No. Sex was meant to attract male to female to procreate but true love was meant to help you rise above lust and to base expressions of that love for yourself and for God. It is only when you have experienced the true expression of love that you will realize that sexual expression is not always necessary for you to love truly.  You can love many truly and share yourself with many outside of sexual expression. Even souls who consider themselves very enlightened have not always chosen to be above such expressions of self or have even used it to seduce partners to the delusion of love through this expression. In a truly loving relationship it is not always a necessity but one of mutual fulfillment. It becomes the expression of human love and is eventually transcended by those who desire true union with God. It never prevents it, but merely detracts from it and creates the illusion of imbalance within each person.

Guides : You have described the union of souls without physical expression as “spiritual sex” and while it is not exactly what you are experiencing it is a good enough description for the human mind to grasp. Because the world has told you that great sex is a part of any good relationship you believe it. Know that a good relationship is about love and caring. It contains whatever you wish it to on the physical plane but sex is also an expression of egos but transcending egos express love not only physically, but spiritually and while you may not grasp the concept now, you have experienced it and know what we speak of and, of course true love expressed with the opposite gender draws you to it more than loves sexual expression of your same gender. In human form, it is natural to express such love that way. Spiritually, true love can be expressed with whom ever can recognize its qualities and allow it to just be, without expectations and conditions. Ego takes it beyond the expression of energies to the sexual level. This is neither right nor wrong but simply a manifestation of human ego transcended. It is also a manifestation of ones belief in their own power rather than their power to express through and from God as it flows through the manifest world. As we told you before, do not look at what you do not have in your life but instead, look at what you do have. Allow yourself to know that what you have created through God is as it should be. 

Guides : We are not telling you to be satisfied with a life alone but merely that to limit your expression of love for people only in the physical, merely limits love, keeps it from light and has only momentary peace and joy but sets up expectation and condition for its being. Spiritual love allows all to be without expectations and condition and allows you to feel love, always. So, what you might miss in expression in the physical you instead gain by not limiting its expression within all of those that you meet. Do not labour, trying to understand it, it has been demonstrated in your life. You know fully what is meant. Like all that is true and abiding, it is beyond thought and knowledge and just is. Do not worry. All will come that is meant for you when you can believe that it is so. 

Know this and be of God. All unfolds as it should.

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