Your Temple Within – by Florence Mary – Thursday February 2, 1994.

Kindness in all of its forms and especially given to the self, allows each of us to know and love ourselves and lets us share with those around us in perfect harmony. 

In the blending of the two halves of our wholeness, which are spirit and physical awareness, we begin to see the perfect blending of all things and our participation within that wholeness. No longer do we see the nature of things as out of harmony with the greater picture of being-ness but instead understand each of us would fight and participate in violence if we were threatened. In our moments of peace, therefor, we must try to create within us the peace that all men need so that the world, the wholeness that we are here to create can be at peace with itself. That self is love. The transcended and transmuted Self is True Love.

In the linear time experienced within your world lies chaos, disunion and disharmony. This is because linear time leaves no time for the soul to know itself. When the human being begins to make time for his soul, free from fear, want and deprivation, then and only then will love become abiding within the humans life. Going to church was one of those times when human beings were supposed to be able to become in tune with their souls. Instead of singing praises to God, great choirs were formed, taking even that simple offering from the soul to God, away. Man was left no quiet time with which to commune with God about the things that the soul needed to hear. One cannot rest quietly within himself when fire and brimstone or anything of the like has been brought to bear on the human conscious mind, for the sub-conscious mind also needs rest from its own voice.

It is now time for humanity to still themselves and hear the words of love that God would speak to them from within. All the processes of religion are but the first and most beginning steps to learning how to access this deep abiding love that God has for each of us. Know that the wisdom of the soul is but God speaking love from within us.

When beings of God come together in the communion of their souls, true love is created. It matters not how this creation takes place but only that it does and that it is understood and held by each person and shared with others outside of the circle that created it. In each person love lies waiting to be held within the moment of Now. Each of us is a part of the whole which is God. Our acceptance and understanding of this principle will help each of us to travel our path with more effectiveness and clarity. It will also help us to see our thread in the great tapestry of life.

Those of us who are here at this moment in time are important to the Great Tapestry of Life. Each of us has come to shine as brightly as any star in the heavens. We have something greater than our fear to live and that is love, and in the fullness of time, to live our True Love.

How can I do this? You can do it by just being and doing all the things that are from your deepest core of trust and faith. Yet you must also work at the why’s and the wherefores of your life and bring them into sharp focus within you. All of your life is but a benediction to God and as such must be the best that you are able to make it. Each day you are learning and sometimes that truth overwhelms you. Know that you are in the hand of your Creator and that you are loved beyond all purpose and reason just because you are.

It is in such a truth that you will find your hope and your love, formed fully in love and caring for the world around you. It is here that you look out from yourself and see love in all the hurt and crime in the world. It is here that you finally believe in your own divinity and practice loving as God loves and then you understand finally that the gratification of human flesh is a trap that each of us must struggle against for all of our lifetimes in human bodies. When we realize that all love must come and be turned over to God, then and only then can we begin to love our fellows truly. For it is here that all care and worry is turned over to God and love lives within us as itself pure and unfettered by the cares and the desires of this world. 

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